584022Popular Science Monthly — Volume 541898

Table of Contents
November 1898
Was Middle America Peopled from Asia? 1
The Possible Fiber Industries of the United States 15
What Is Social Evolution? 35
The Torrents of Switzerland 46
The Evolution of Colonies: Political Evolution V 52
Architectural Forms in Nature 63
The Herds of the Yellow Ant 75
Two Gifts to French Science 81
The Mongoose in Jamaica 86
The Cause of Rain 89
Dream and Reality 96
A Practical Dutch Charity 103
Sketch of Frank Wigglesworth Clarke 110
Correspondence 118
Editor's Table 118
Scientific Literature 126
General Notices 128
Publications Received 134
Fragments of Science 135
Minor Paragraphs 142
Notes 143
December 1898
The Wheat-Growing Capacity of the United States 145
The Racial Geography of Europe: Supplement - The Jews XVI 163
The Playgrounds of Rural and Suburban Schools 176
Up the Skeena River to the Home of the Tsimshians 181
Light and Vegetation 194
The Stone Age in Egypt 202
Superstition and Crime 206
A Geological Romance 222
The Season of the Year 230
Brain Weights and Intellectual Capacity 243
Speleology, or Cave Exploration 255
Sketch of Charles Henry Hitchcock 260
Editor's Table 269
Scientific Literature 274
General Notices 276
Publications Received 281
Fragments of Science 282
Minor Paragraphs 287
Notes 288
January 1899
The Evolution of Colonies: Industrial Evolution VI 289
The Mind's Eye 299
Nature Study in the Philadelphia Normal School 313
Principles of Taxation: The Law of the Diffusion of Taxes XXX 319
Our Florida Alligator 330
The Racial Geography of Europe: Supplement - The Jews XVII 338
True Tales of Birds and Beasts 352
Glacial Geology in America 356
Modern Studies of Earthquakes 362
A Short History of Scientific Instruction I 372
Should Children Under Ten Learn to Read and Write? 382
Soils and Fertilizers 392
Sketch of August Kekule 401
Editor's Table 409
Scientific Literature 425
General Notices 418
Publications Received 424
Fragments of Science 425
Minor Paragraphs 431
Notes 432
February 1899
Vegetation a Remedy for the Summer Heat of Cities 433
Mivart's Groundwork of Science 480
The Science of Observation 456
Death Gulch, a Natural Bear-Trap 475
The Labor Problem in the Tropics 481
Principles of Taxation: The Law of the Diffusion of Taxes XXXI 490
The Great Bombardment 506
The Spirit of Conquest 518
A Short History of Scientific Instruction II 529
The Series Method: A Comparison 537
The Earliest Writing in France 542
Sketch of Gabriel de Mortillet 546
Correspondence 553
Editor's Table 557
Scientific Literature 559
General Notices 563
Publications Received 568
Fragments of Science 569
Minor Paragraphs 575
Notes 576
March 1899
The Evolution of Colonies: Social Evolution VII 577
Politics as a Form of Civil War 588
My Pet Scorpion 605
The Racial Geography of Europe: The Peoples of the Balkan Peninsula - The Greek, the Slav, and the Turk XVIII 614
Marvelous Increase in Production of Gold 635
The California Penal System 644
The Scientific Expert and the Bering Sea Controversy 654
A School for the Study of Life Under the Sea 668
Science in Education 672
Shall We Teach our Daughters the Value of Money? 686
Sketch of Clémence Royer 690
Editor's Table 699
Scientific Literature 704
General Notices 706
Publications Received 711
Fragments of Science 712
Minor Paragraphs 719
Notes 720
April 1899
The Stuff That Dreams are Made of 721
The Best Methods of Taxation: Part I 736
Mental Defectives and the Social Welfare 746
The Wheat Problem Again 759
The Coming of the Catbird 772
Guessing, as Influenced by Number Preferences 781
Concerning Weasels 786
Care of the Throat and Ear 791
The Physical Geography of the West Indies: Mammals I 802
Iron in the Living Body 807
The Malay Language 813
Life on a South Sea Whaler 818
Sketch of Manly Miles 834
Editor's Table 842
Scientific Literature 845
General Notices 848
Publications Received 853
Fragments of Science 854
Minor Paragraphs 861
Notes 863
Index 865