Popular Science Monthly/Volume 54/January 1899/Publications Received


Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. Proceedings, 1898. Part II. April to September. Pp. 224, with plates.

Agricultural Experiment Stations. Bulletins and Reports. Cornell University: No. 152. Studies in Milk Secretion. By H. H. Wing and Leroy Anderson. Pp. 56; No. 153. Impressions of our Fruit-growing Industries. By L. H. Bailey. Pp. 18.—Iowa State College of Agriculture, etc.: No. 10. Anatomical and Histological Studies. Pp. 25, with plates.—New Hampshire College: No. 53. The Farm Water Supply. By Fred W. Morse. Pp. 12; The Winter Food of the Chickadee. By Clarence M. Weed. Pp. 16.—United States Department of Agriculture: The Chinch Bug. By F. M. Webster. Pp. 82; Some Books on Agriculture and Sciences related to Agriculture published in 1896-'98. Pp. 45; Forage Plants and borage Resources of the Gulf States. By S. M. Tracy. Pp. 55; List of Publications relating to Forestry in the Department Library. Pp. 93.—University of Illinois: The Chemistry of the Corn Kernel. By C. G. Hopkins. Pp. 52.

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Barnes's National Vertical Penmanship. Nos. A and B, and 1 to 6. American Book Company.

Bookseller, The, Newsdealer, and Stationer. Semimonthly. New York: 156 Fifth Avenue. Pp. 38. $1 a year.

Boutwell, Hon. George S. Problems raised by the War. Boston: Woman's Educational and Industrial Union. Pp. 20.

Bulletins, Reports, Proceedings, etc. Michigan Monthly Bulletin of Vital Statistics, October. 1898. Pp. 16.—National Pure Food and Drug Congress: Journal of Proceedings, March, 1898. Pp. 53.—United States Department of Labor: Bulletin No. 18, September, 1898. Pp. 124; No. 19, November, 1898. Pp. 42.

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Collyer, Rev. Robert. The Parable of "Lot's Wife." Pp. 13. 5 cents.

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Hall, Fred S. Sympathetic Strikes and Sympathetic Lockouts. Columbia University. (Studies in History, Economics, and Public Law) Pp. 118.

Hill, Frank A. How far the Public nigh School is a Just Charge on the Public Treasury. Pp. 36.

Holman, Silas W. Matter, Energy, Force, and Work. New York: The Macmillan Company. Pp. 257. $2.

Hornbrook, A. R. Primary Arithmetic. American Book Company. Pp. 253.

Geikie, James. Rock Sculpture, or the Origin of Land Forms. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sous. Pp. 357. $2.

Hurley, Denis M. The Metric System of Weights and Measures in the Congress of the United States. Pp. 4.

Inglis, George E., Editor. The Anglo Saxon Monthly. Chicago: The Anglo-Saxon Publishing Company. 10 cents. $1 a year.

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Preece, W. H. President's Address before the Institution of Civil Engineers, November 1, 1898. Pp. 29.

Reprints. Coulter, John M. The Origin of Gynmosperms and the Seed Habit. (Botanical Society of America.) Pp. 16.—Brinton, Daniel G. The Peoples of the Philippines. Pp. 16.—Eckles, C, II The Relation of Certain Bacteria to the Production of Butter. Pp. 10.—Graziani, Dr. Giovanni. A Sensitive Test for Kryofine in the Urine, etc Pp. 81.—Keen, W. W. The Advantages of a Permanent Abdominal Anus, etc., in Operations for Cancer of the Rectum. Pp. 11; The Advantages of the Trendelenburg Posture during Operations involving the Cavities of the Mouth, etc. Pp. 7; Removal of Angioma of the Liver, etc. Pp. 12.—Keen, W. W., and Spiller, W. G. On Resection of the Gasserian Ganglion, etc. Pp. 38, with plates.—Ladd, E. F. The Proteids of Cream. Pp. 3; and Humates and Soil Fertility. Pp. 7.—Lloyd, James Hendrie. A Study of the Lesions in a Case of Trauma of the Cervical Region of the Spinal Cord simulating Syringomyelia. Pp. 18.—Sherwood, W. L. The Frogs and Toads found in the Vicinity of New York City. Pp. 27.—Tromsdorff, Richard. Observations at the Clinic of Professor Ebstein on Kryofine. Pp. 12.

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Savage, M. J. The Word of God: The Evils of Religious and Political Pessimism. Boston: George H. Edis. Pp. 18 each.

Schimmel & Co., Leipzig and New York Semiannual Report (fine chemicals), October, 1898. Pp. 64, with map.

Seymour, A. T., Editor. The Science Teacher. Monthly. Orange, N. J. Pp. 12. 15 cents. $1 a year.

Smithsonian Institution and United States National Museum. Annual Report of the Board of Regents to July, 1896. Pp. 727.—Bean, Barton A. Notes on a Collection of Fishes from Mexico, etc. Pp. 4.—Cook, O. F. American Oniscoid Diploda, etc. Pp. 16, with plates.—Coquillet, D. W. Report on Japanese Diptera. Pp. 36.—Enkle, Arthur. Topaz Crystals in the Mineral Collection of the Museum. Pp. 10.—Gilbert, C. N. Caulolepis Longidens, Gill, on the Coast of California. P. 1.—Jordan, David Starr, and Evermann, Barton D. The Fishes of North and Middle America. Part III. Pp. 978—Marlatt, C. L. Japanese Hymenoptera of the Family Teuthredonidæ. Pp. 16.—Mearns, Edgar A. Mammals of the Catskill Mountains. Pp. 20.—Moore, J. Percy. The Leeches of the United States National Museum. Pp. 20, with plates.—Oberholser, Harry C. Revision of the Wrens of the Genus Thryomanes, Sclater. Pp. 30.—Rathbun, Mary J. Brachyura Collected by the Steamer Albatross between Norfolk, Va., and San Francisco. Pp. 50, with plate; and Fresh-Water Crabs of America. Pp. 30.—Smith, Hugh M. Amphiura, or the Congo Snake, in Virginia. P. 1.—Smith, John B., and Dyar, Harri on C. The Lepidopterous Family Noctuidæ of Boreal North America, etc. Pp 194, with plates.—Starks, Edwin C. Osteology and Relationships of the Family Zeidæ. Pp. 8, with plates.—Stearns, Robert E. C. A Species of Actæon from the Quaternary Deposits of Spanish Height, San Diego, Cal. Pp. 3; and Cythera (Tivala) Crassateloides, Conrad, etc. Pp. 8, with plate.—Stejneger, Leonhard. A New Species of Spiny-tailed Iguana from California. P. 1.—Test, Frederick C. Variations of the Tree Frog, Hyla Regilla. Pp. 16, with plate.—True, Frederick W. Nomenclature of the Whalebone Whales, etc. Pp. 20.—Walcott, C. D. Cambrian Brachiopoda, Obolus, and Singulella, etc. Pp. 36.

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Terrestrial Magnetism. An International Quarterly Journal. L. A. Bauer and Thomas French, Jr., Editors. University of Cincinnati. Pp. 46, with plates. 60 cents. $2 a year.

Vines, Sidney H. An Elementary Text-Book of Botany. New York: The Macmillan Company. Pp. 611. $2.25.

Volta Bureau, Washington, Publications of. Catalogue of Books by Prof. A. Melville Bell.—Some Differences in the Education of the Deaf and the Hearing. Pp. 15.—International Reports of Schools for the Deaf. Pp. 27.-Bell, A. G. Methods of Instructing the Deaf m the United States. Pp. 4.—Gordon, J. C. The Difference between the Two Systems of Teaching Deaf-mutes the English Language Pp. 4.—Gilman, Arthur. Miss Helen Adams Keller's First Year of College Preparatory Work. Pp. 14.—Bell, Mabel Gardiner. The Story of the Rise of the Oral Method in America as told in the Writings of the Hon. Gardiner G. Hubbard. Pp. 50.

Voorhees, Edward B. Fertilizers. New York: The Macmillan Company. Pp. 335. $1.

Wadden Turner, Susan, Prof. William, and Jane. In Memoriam. By Caroline H. Dall. Pp. 19.

Weysse, Arthur W. An Epitome of Human Histology. New York: Longmans, Green & Co. Pp. 90. $1.50.