584042Popular Science Monthly — Volume 631903

Table of Contents
May 1903
The Classification of Fishes 5
Stages of Vital Motion 14
The Slavic Immigrant 25
Obituary Notice of a Lung-Fish 33
The Opportunity of the Smaller Museums of Natural History 40
College Entrance Examinations 53
A New Source of Heat: Radium 61
The Decrease in the Size of American Families 64
Helen Keller: A Psychological Autobiography 71
Discussion and Correspondence 84
Scientific Literature 85
The Progress of Science 86
June 1903
Hertzian Wave Wireless Telegraphy I 97
Physiological Economy in Nutrition 123
The Field of Municipal Hygiene 132
University Tendencies in America 141
The Improvement of the City of Washington 149
Changes in the Age of College Graduation 159
Education Not the Cause of Race Decline 172
Discussion and Correspondence 185
Scientific Literature 186
The Progress of Science 188
July 1903
Hertzian Wave Wireless Telegraphy II 193
Why a Flame Emits Light - the Development of the Theory 209
Evolution, Cytology and Mendel's Laws 219
The Pearl Fisheries of Ceylon 229
A Comparison of Land and Water Plants 239
The Preservation of Wild Flowers 246
An Untilled Field in American Agricultural Education 257
The Story of English Education I 262
Discussion and Correspondence 275
Scientific Literature 278
The Progress of Science 279
August 1903
Modern Views on Matter 289
The Training of a Physician 304
American Titles and Distinctions 312
The Bird Rookeries on the Island of Laysan 321
Bacteria in Modern Economic Agriculture 333
The Story of English Education II 344
The Declining Birth Rate and its Cause 355
Hertzian Wave Wireless Telegraphy III 362
Discussion and Correspondence 373
Scientific Literature 374
The Progress of Science 375
September 1903
Palm and Sole Impressions and their Use for Purposes of Personal Identification 385
Some of the Extra-Artistic Elements of Esthetic Emotion 411
Karl Lamprecht and Kulturgeschichte 418
Pulse and Rhythm 425
Theories of Sleep 432
Hertzian Wave Wireless Telegraphy IV 439
Mosquitoes and Suggestions for their Extermination 453
Shorter Articles and Correspondence 467
Scientific Literature 470
The Progress of Science 475
October 1903
The Decorative Art of the North American Indians 481
Highways and Byways of Animal Life 499
The Correlation Between Mental and Moral Qualities 516
Cooperation, Coercion, Competition 526
The Sherman Principle in Rhetoric and its Restrictions 534
Educational Endowments at the South 543
Hertzian Wave Wireless Telegraphy V 551
Shorter Articles and Correspondence 563
The Progress of Science 566
Index 573