584052Popular Science Monthly — Volume 681906

Table of Contents
January 1906
With the British Association in South Africa I 5
The Foundations of Geometry 21
The Content of Chinese Education 29
The Geologic Survey of Alaska 42
What Is an Ear of Corn? 55
Spencer Fullerton Baird 63
Intercollegiate Contests 84
The Progress of Science 88
February 1906
The Passing of China's Ancient System of Literary Examinations 99
The Lapses of Speech 119
What Is Slang? 127
Recent Advances in Meteorology and Meteorological Service in Japan 139
With the British Association in South Africa II 145
Some Recent Tendencies in Mathematical Instruction 161
The Wealth of the Commonwealth 166
The Honor System in American Colleges 176
The Progress of Science 186
March 1906
The Physiography of the Adirondacks 194
The Black Locust Tree and its Despoliation 211
A Contribution to the Theory of Science 219
The Jewsharp 239
Geological History of Cockroaches 244
How Rooting Aquatic Plants Influence the Nutrition of the Food Fishes of our Great Lakes 251
Urban and Rural Life 255
Newspaper Football 261
Submarine Navigation 266
Trial and Error as a Factor in Evolution 276
The Progress of Science 283
April 1906
The Queen Ant as a Psychological Study 291
The Development of the Glacial Hypothesis in America 300
The Earliest Predecessors of Copernicus 323
The Greatest Need in Research 328
Making Geography While You Wait 333
Extra Digits and Digital Reductions 336
A Sanitary Outlook 349
Shorter Articles 376
The Progress of Science 377
May 1906
Watkins Glen and Other Gorges of the Finger Lake Region of Central New York 386
A League of Peace 398
The Body's Utilization of Fat 425
National Control of Introduced Insect Pests 431
Individual Adaptation to Environment 440
The Disease and the Remedy 446
The Psychology of Yellow 456
Bird Photography in Norway 464
The Progress of Science 473
June 1906
Concerning Variations in Animals and Plants 481
The Human Side of the Indian 503
The Fresh-Water Fishes of South and Middle America 515
Facts About Nostrums 531
The Times and Places of Earthquakes 537
Volcanoes and Radioactivity 543
An Eclipse Expedition to Spain 551
Shorter Articles 564
The Progress of Science 566
Index 573