584054Popular Science Monthly — Volume 691906

Table of Contents
July 1906
The Relations of Embryology to Medical Progress 5
The Largest American Collection of Meteorites 21
The Plane of Ether 29
Are the Elements Transmutable, The Atoms Divisible and Forms of Matter But Modes of Motion? 38
Pure Food Legislation 52
Wooden Flowers 65
The Geological Prelude to the San Francisco Earthquake 69
Our Greatest Earthquakes 76
Shorter Articles 87
The Progress of Science 89
August 1906
The Investigation of the San Francisco Earthquake 97
Seismograph and Magnetograph Records of the San Francisco Earthquake, April 18, 1906 116
Reminiscences of Yukon Exploration, 1865-1868 128
Fact and Fable in Animal Psychology 138
The World State 147
The Measure of Progress 155
Effects of Immigration on Homicide in American Cities 160
The Study of the Variable Stars 175
The Progress of Science 187
September 1906
The Value of Science: Introduction I 193
Discontinuous Variation in Pedigree-Cultures 207
America and Seismological Research 226
Immunity in Tuberculosis 229
The Protection of the Alluvial Basin of the Mississippi 248
The Jews: A Study of Race and Environment I 257
The Development of Mechanics 268
Diamonds and Carbons in Brazil 272
Shorter Articles 281
The Progress of Science 283
October 1906
The Earthquake Rift of 1906 289
The Value of Science: The Measure of Time II 310
Francis Bacon and the Modern University 320
Briticisms versus Americanisms 324
Difficult Boys 338
Genius 352
The Birth of the Idea of Spirit in Greek Thought 357
Scientific Aspects of Luther Burbank's Work 363
Discussion and Correspondence 375
The Progress of Science 381
November 1906
University Control 385
The Value of Science: The Notion of Space III 398
Pathogenic Protozoa 409
The Making of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado 417
Notes on the Development of Telephone Service I 425
The Jews: A Study of Race and Environment II 441
John Stuart Mill 451
Changes of Climate 458
The African Pygmies 471
The Progress of Science 475
December 1906
The Bogoslofs 481
Notes on the Development of Telephone Service II 490
The Jews: A Study of Race and Environment III 502
Physical Degeneracy or Race Suicide? 512
Waterway Defenses of the Atlantic Coast 530
The Simplification of French Spelling 539
The Value of Science: The Notion of Displacement IV 545
Vesuvius During the Early Middle Ages 558
The Progress of Science 567
Index 573