516776Popular Science Monthly — Volume 861915

Table of Contents
January 1915
Geography in Russian History 5
Geological Methods in Earlier Days 25
The Cinchona Botanical Station II 33
The Indian's Health Problem 49
What Animal Experimentation Has Done for Children 55
Europe's Dynastic Slaughter House 63
Training for Action 76
Delusions 80
Ductless Glands, Internal Secretions and Hormonic Equilibrium II 92
The Progress of Science 101
February 1915
A History of Tahiti I 105
Popular Misconceptions Concerning the Weather 128
Ductless Glands, Internal Secretions and Hormonic Equilibrium III 142
The Ethical Principle in Physical Valuation for Rate Making 153
Thought in Science and in Science-Teaching 164
The Problem for the Rural School 174
The Evanescence of Facts 180
Foreign Associates of National Societies III 187
Botanizing Excursions in Borneo 193
The Progress of Science 205
March 1915
Astronomy on the Pacific Coast 209
The Biological Laboratories of the Pacific Coast 223
The Last Wild Tribe of California 233
Extinct Faunas of the Mohave Desert, their Significance in a Study of the Origin and Evolution of Life in America 245
Insects of the Pacific 265
The Physiological Aspects of California for the Botanist 270
Social Legislation on the Pacific Coast 274
The Volcanic Activity of Lassen Peak, California 290
The Progress of Science 307
April 1915
American Economic and Social Problems Arising Out of the War 313
Community Defense of National Vitality 319
Some Results of Periodic Health Examinations 324
Racial Element in National Vitality 331
Effect of the War Upon the Rate for Capital 335
The Prevention of the Fundamental Cause of War - Discontent 335
A Message from the Country on Foreign Trade 343
The Extension of our Merchant Marine 347
The War and Foreign Trade 355
Foreign Trade of the United States I 365
Foreign Trade of the United States II 371
American Municipal Problems and the European War 376
The Free Port: An Agency for the Development of American Commerce 384
Economic Importance of American Neutrality 388
Future Banking Problems of the United States with Reference to the European War 392
A History of Tahiti II 403
The Progress of Science 411
May 1915
Eugenics and War 417
Barbarism, Culture, Empire, Union 428
Measuring Heat from Stars 432
The Earthquake Areas of the Earth with Special Reference to the Recent Italian Earthquake 446
A History of Tahiti III 452
Moral Progress 467
The Play Attitude and the School Fraternity 472
Wages and Salaries in Organized Industry 478
Families of American Men of Science 504
The Progress of Science 516
June 1915
A History of Fiji I 521
The Liberal Arts and Scientific Management 539
The Celibate Women of To-Day 550
Wave Work on the New Jersey Coast 557
Fertilization and Artificial Parthenogenesis of the Egg 568
The Ohio Plan for the Study of Delinquency 576
Science and History 581
The Antecedents of the Study of Character and Temperament 590
The Progress of Science 615
Index 621