Port Augusta to Swan River, from 6th to 25th June 1834

Port Augusta June 6th, 1834 — for Swan River. Made Chapman RiverBrook on the same day and reached the rapids on the 7th. The Vasse road being so badly marked on the 8th I altered my course from North to NW in order to make the Sea Side, where I arrived at 10 o'clock on the 9th finding myself 8 miles to the Southd of Cape Naturaliste — and coming over the high land I saw Geographe Bay on the East — (a great quantity of Kangaroo). Cutting off Cape Naturaliste I came upon a track of good land, and a spring of Fresh water which after running the space of about 2 miles empties itself into Geographe Bay. As I came into the Bay I was surrounded by 30 natives — they were very kind to me and told me their names, they walked with me on the beach about ¾ of a mile. I enquired for Mr Bussell and for Mr Chapman but could not make them understand, they wanted me to go back and have some Kangaroo with them, but as it was so near night I was in a hurry to make the Vasse Inlet, this was on the 10th or fourth day of my journey. I made the Inlet on the 11th at 1 o'clock when I fired twice and was heard by Mr Chapman, who came to Search after me but could perceive nothing but the footsteps of a man. I walked up a river about 8 miles and saw a great many Kangaroos and about 20 wild turkeys — returning to the Inlet on the 12th I met Mr Bussell who told me they were in Search of me — and that this river was not the Vasse, but that it was a Stream, that he had never seen before — it runs South West, and commences at the junction of the Vasse River as a small Inlet, this was on the 12th. I then stopt 6 days with Mr Chapman and Started again on the 18th at 12 o'clock taking a NE course finding the land good. I headed the Sabina River and saw a great quantity of Kangaroo. I also headed the Abba River and still found the land good the soil of the same description as on the Vasse and the timber abt 5 trees to an acre. 19th I found the land much the same until abt 12 o'clock when I came upon a river about 20 yards wide which I had to walk up about 2 miles — the banks on each side were nearly perpendicular about 20 feet in height the soil was a red clay. After leaving this river I found the land Sandy with large blue gum trees. 20th. The land very good — crossed the Preston about 9 o'clock — land continued good for abt ½ an hours walk — then very sandy till within abt ½ mile of the Collie. I waded the Collie & found the land good for ¾ mile — then on the plains a strong clay. Kangaroo very numerous. 21st. I altered my course after heading the rivers from NE to NW I found the land very bad, all white sand and no fresh water. 22nd. I made the Lake which runs parallel with the sea along which I walked the whole day and did not reach the end by 3 miles, it is about ¾ mile wide. 23rd, I made the Sea Coast and the Murray — on the 25th I arrived at Fremantle and my Company was my dog and gun.

(Signed) Frederick Ludlow

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