Subclass SA: General agriculture

Tractor symbol

General agriculture covers topics in common to all forms of agriculture, including its history, economics, machinery and science.

Subclass SB: Plant culture

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Plant culture is the cultivation of plants for food and other products.

Subclass SD: Forestry

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Forestry is the art of managing forests and other woodlands.

Subclass SF: Animal culture

Illustration of a cow

Animal culture is the cultivation of animals for food and other products.

Child portal: ApicultureHorsemanship

Subclass SH: Aquaculture and fisheries

Fish icon

Aquaculture and fisheries covers the farming of aquatic life and the its harvesting, domesticated and wild. This covers not just fish but molluscs, crustaceans, see-weed etc, in both fresh and salt water.

Subclass SHA: Angling

Fishing pictogram

Angling is the method of fishing by means of a fish hook, usually combined with a line and a rod.

Subclass SK: Hunting sports

Photograph of a hunting rifle

Hunting sports covers topics such as shooting, big game hunting, fox hunting, coursing and fowling. It also covers gamekeeping, wildlife management and the wild-animal trade.

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