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Billardiera scandens

This page links to documents related to the plant species Billardiera scandens commonly known as Apple Berry or Apple Dumpling.

Colour drawing of a plant with long, slightly overlapping leaves and drooping yellow flowers.
Billardiera scandens, as figured in A specimen of the botany of New Holland (1793), in which the species was first published. This plate has since been designated the lectotype for the species.

  • Schultes, Josef August (1819), Systema Vegetabilium (16th edition) 5:330
    • Unsuccessful attempt to rename this species to Labillardiera scandens.

  • Wendland, Johann Christoph (1799), Hortus Herrenhusanus
    • Billardiera canariensis (now a synonym of B. scandens) published, and figured in plate 15.

  • Klatt, Friedrich Wilhelm (1857) "Plantae Muellerianae - Pittosporeae", Linnaea 28(5)
    • Billardiera branchyantha (now a synonym of B. scandens) published on page 570.

  • Bentham, George (1870) Flora Australiensis 1
    • Billardiera scandens described on page 124;
    • Billardiera brachyantha (now a synonym of B. scandens) demoted to variety rank as B. scandens var. branchyantha.