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Canadian Government Appointments


  • May 23, 1868
  • May 29, 1868
    • Etienne Parent, Under Secretary of State of Canada
    • William Henry Griffin, Deputy Postmaster General
    • Thomas Douglas Harington, Deputy Reciever General
    • William Dickinson, Commissioner of Inland Revenue
    • Robert Shore Milnes Bouchette, Commissioner of Customs
    • George Futvoye, Deputy of the Minister of Militia and Defence
    • Edmund Allen Meredith, Under Secretary of the State for the Provinces
    • John Langton, Auditor
    • Hewitt Bernard, Deputy Minister of Justice
    • J. C. Taché, Deputy of the Minister of Agriculture
    • Toussaint Trudeau, Deputy of the Minister of Public Works
    • William Smith, Deputy of the Minister of Marine and Fisheries
  • June 5, 1868
    • E. Clarke, Police Magistrate on the Frontier in Lower Canada
  • June 5, 1868
    • William Horton, Deputy Judge of the County Court, Middlesex
  • June 22, 1868
    • Etienne Parent, William Henry Griffin, Robert Shore Milnes Bouchette, John Langton, William Smith, Thomas Reynolds, Charles S. Ross: to be a Commission into the requirements of the Civil Service.
  • June 26, 1868
    • George Liddle, Surveyor

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