Portal:Chicago Field Museum of Natural History

Chicago Field Museum of Natural History
Established in 1893 as the Columbian Museum of Chicago. Renamed in 1905 in honour of benefactor Marshall Field. Publisher of the Fieldiana monograph series.

For the period December 6, 1943 through March 1, 1966 the organisation used yet another name variant: the "Chicago Natural History Museum,"[1] before reverting to the earlier appellation "Field Museum of Natural History."


Volume 12: Pennsylvanian Invertebrates of the Mazon Creek Area, Illinois series:

Nᵒ1. Introduction.

Nᵒ2. Insects.

Nᵒ3. Marine Fauna.

Nᵒ4. Trilobitomorpha, Arthropleurida.

  (1956, Dr. E. S. Richardson, jr.)
Nᵒ5. Trilobitomorpha, Arthropleurida, II. (1959, Dr. E. S. Richardson, jr.)
Nᵒ6. Eurypterida. (1963, E. N. Kjellesvig-Waering)
Nᵒ8. The Morphology and Affinities of Tullimonstrum. (1969, R. G. Johnson and Dr. E. S. Richardson, jr.)
Volume 14: Nᵒ9. A Revision of the Families and Genera of the Stylonuraceae (Eurypterida). (1966, E. N. Kjellesvig-Waering)