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A Golden Age comic book cover showing, in the foreground, a woman in a giraffe-print bikini swinging on a vine and kicking a gorilla. In the background, a man is tied to a post, surrounded by more gorillas.
Rulah, March 1949


Legal judgementsEdit

  • Gaiman v. McFarlane, 2004 by the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. Neil Gaiman & Marvels and Miracles, LLC, v. Todd McFarlane, for copyright infringement and breach of contract.

Comic booksEdit

Ace ComicsEdit

Standard ComicsEdit

Also known as Nedor Comics and Better Comics.

Fox ComicsEdit

Fiction HouseEdit

  • Planet Comics 1940-1953, 73 issues
  • Wings Comics


newspaper comicsEdit


  • xkcd has over 2000 episodes, although only one is licensed for commercial reuse (pictured).
    XKCD: Wikipedian Protestor
    Original tool-tip: "SEMI-PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION"
  • Pepper&Carrot has over 30 episodes and is permissively licensed.

Comic strip artistsEdit