Portal:Investiture of the Gods/Chapter 15

Investiture of the Gods
Jiang Ziya Leaves Mount Kunlun
Xu Zhonglin or Lu Xixing

This chapter is titled "Jiang Ziya Leaves Mount Kunlun". Living within the Jade Emptiness Palace on Mount Kunlun, Heavenly Primogenitor was honored as Grand Master of Chan Taoism. Through a past meeting between the heads of Chan and Jie Taoism, and Confucianism, 365 gods would be chosen in the future as to represent the constellations, stars, sacred mountains, clouds, and the such. Such a creation served as to set each individual who died for their respective cause in the future war between the Shang Dynasty and the coming Zhou, to be reborn as a guardian of the Red Dust to ensure their individual resolve lives throughout the stars. After the Shang Dynasty falls, Jiang Ziya is destined to be the chooser of such an outcome. As Heavenly Primogenitor thus ascended his Eight Treasure and Cloud Radiance Throne one day, and asked for Jiang Ziya to appear before him, the latter knelt with great dignity towards his master for over forty years of valued service. Telling Jiang Ziya immediately his destined assistance to the sage king and his service as commander and prime minister in the name of the future Zhou Dynasty, the latter became rather discomforted over such a sudden statement and desired to stay by his master for eternity instead. With little other choice then to obey his master's declaration, Jiang Ziya received a prophecy from Primogentior before taking his leave of the mountain with tears flowing from his eyes. Realizing his blatant confusion as to where he should start in his journey, he decided to head immediately to Song Village to see his sworn brother, Song Yiren. Arriving at the latter's residence shortly and offering his condolences, the two sworn brothers sat beside each other with cups of fine wine. After discussing with Jiang Ziya various events and other incidents, Song decided that his old friend is in need of a wife so that his family line could continue on—and thus the latter left to see Ma Hong to set up a future engagement with his daughter. Returning later to tell Jiang Ziya his success, the two prepared for an auspicious day in which such a marriage could take place. Following the shortly arrived marriage with Madame Ma, the two lived for some time under the support of Song Yiren, who was exceedingly rich and possessed high status within the community.

As Jiang Ziya began to make bamboo rakes as a form of business at Capital Morning Song less anything were to happen with Yiren's support within the future, he unfortunately was not able to even sell a single rake—and thus returned to his original residence with great misery and frustration in short time. After attaining suggestion from Yiren that flour made from ground wheat would result in much better sale within the capital, Jiang Ziya carried the flour to Morning Song the following day in great confidence. However, disaster only became greater as Jiang Ziya was tackled feriously by a horse raging from Morning Song's drilling ground, resulting in flour spilling in every direction. Returning to his residence without a single cent made from the flour, Jiang Ziya began to violently quarrel with his wife over such ill-fortune experienced in the past. As Yiren took his old friend aside to comfort him over his bad luck, the former declared to Jiang Ziya that he could work as an accountant or shopkeeper daily in one of fifty restaurants that he possesses within Morning Song. With immense gratitude over his brother's suggestion, Jiang Ziya assigned himself to a large restaurant that neighbored the southern gate of Morning Song—the busiest section within the city region. Unfortunately however, every individual present within the city remained indoors due to a terrible rainstorm that ran amok throughout the entire day. Without ever attaining a single customer, Jiang Ziya forced his staff to devour all prepared food less it were to spoil over their terrible luck. As his sworn brother followed by handing Ziya a few taels of silver to buy and sell livestock within the capital, the latter did as he advised and thus spent several days buying sheeps and pigs for further profit. Driving a great number of animals to the market place at Morning Song the next day, Jiang Ziya hardly realized that slaughtering livestock was strictly prohibited less Heaven became angry and expanded the capital's days of drought. With guards thus running at the former for his intentions to make profit from the slaughterhouses, Jiang Ziya had no choice but to flee for his life while abandoning his animals. Following his return back to Song Yiren, the latter simply smiled while declaring to Jiang Ziya that they should both head to the back garden and drink away their past sorrows.

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  • Introduction of Jiang Baby Tooth
  • Leaving of Mount Kunlun - Arrival at the Red Dust
  • The reunion between friends
  • Jiang's forced wife
  • Bamboo sieve attempt
  • Flour bushel attempt
  • Restaurant management attempt
  • The continuous frustration of Jiang