Portal:Investiture of the Gods/Chapter 19

Investiture of the Gods
Gifts to the King
Xu Zhonglin or Lu Xixing

This chapter is titled "Gifts to the King". Holding San Yisheng's words very dearly, Bo Yi Kao still believed that his actions would be for the best -- and thus informed his younger brother, Ji Fa, of his ascension as the temporarily ruler of the Western Foothills until he returns from the capital after around two or three months. Thus selecting an auspicious day for his departure, Bo Yi Kao soon departed to Morning Song following his final toast of farewell to the civil and military officials at the Changting Pavilion. Arriving before Morning Song in short time without much effort sacrificed, Bo Yi Kao stationed himself within an official hostel before leaving to the palace gate in mourning robes the following day. Not daring to enter through the gates with his memorial less his aura of dutifulness and loyalty to the king swayed in any way, Bo Yi Kao was approached by none other than Prime Minister Bi Gan one day. Kowtowing before the latter due to his past kindness, Bo Yi Kao shortly told him the tributes that he shall present to the king: the Seven Fragrance Carriage (which was solely used by Emperor Xuanyuan), a sobriety carpet, a white-faced monkey, and ten maidens of exceeded beauty. Realizing that Bo Yi Kao simply had filial intentions backing his resolve, Bi Gan immediately informed the king of the former's desire for audience. Kneeling with unparalleled respect before King Zhou while elaborating the reason for his appearance, the latter was deeply touched by his filial peity and courtesy and thus ordered for him to stand on his feet. As Daji gazed at Bo Yi Kao with lust over his handsomeness, she informed the king of the boy's great reputation in the art of music. Being promised by King Zhou that if his skills were to exceed his expectations he will allow both him and his father to leave the capital with open arms, the latter reluctantly accepted such a challenge. Playing the zither with keen ability and prowess, Daji and King Zhou alike were very pleased—and thus ordered a banquet at the Star Picking Mansion in his honor. Gazing at Bo Yi Kao from across the table during their banquet, Daji lusted to have sex with him no matter what it would take. Thus desiring the former over a deluded old man like King Zhou, Daji told the king that Bo Yi Kao should stay at the capital not only to teach her lessons with the zither, but to additionally spread such beautiful music throughout the whole capital for the benefit of everyone. Following King Zhou's consention, Daji brought forth many glasses of fine wine for the former as an additional feast until he was essentially intoxicated and put forth to his bed for rest. Now sitting alone with Bo Yi Kao and her own zither in hand, Daji was thoroughly told of each individual trait possessed within the beautiful instrument. However, she cared little about such; her only desire in mind was to arouse Bo Yi Kao in any way possible—and many amorous smiles, glances, and sweetful words were thus performed. Realizing that her actions were meaningless, as the former never even payed any attention to them, Daji invited Bo Yi Kao to sit by her side at the honor of being her tutor during a newly prepared feast.

Being reluctant to preserve his propriety and righteousness than to sit by the Queen's side due to his lowly position, Daji had little choice but to continue the zither lessons instead. During their continued lessons together Daji declared that if she could sit on his lap, she could effectively make rapid progress as he holds her hand while guiding through the strings. Unfortunately however, Bo Yi Kao irrationally yelled at the former stating that such actions would be great shame to the title of Queen and thus declined immediately. Dismissing him to his quarters, Daji informed King Zhou the following morning in her rage that Kao did little more than seduce her the former night rather than assist with the zither. Being approached the following morning by King Zhou and Daji, Bo Yi Kao was reprimanded for his slow tutoring performance the night before, and was thus ordered to play another tune to redeem himself. After playing his zither with keen ability, he placed forth his white-faced monkey at Daji's request—thus enchanting all around with its superb music and synchronization. However, this monkey's music was used to bring out any neighboring evil spirit to the forfront; as Daji's true form came forth in her enchantment, the monkey seized this chance to lunge forthward and attack her. Falling to the ground dead by a swift blow of King Zhou's hand, Bo Yi Kao would be arrested but freed after convincing the former that it was nothing more than an undomesticated animal of little intelligence—and it most definitely didn't have the capability of plotting to hurt Daji. Thus being ordered by the king to play one more tune with his zither to see if he truly reflects loyalty and sincerity, Bo Yi Kao began playing his instrument with many defiant words as a full expression of his hatred towards those who defy integrity and righteousness. Solely intending to get back at Daji for her unethical manner previously, and preserving his loyalty to the king in every way, Bo Yi Kao attached a long blade to his zither and threw it directly at Daji's face in an attempt to put an end to her life even if it cost his own. Fortunately for Daji however, she managed to leap out of the way while tumbling to the ground in shock. As King Zhou roared with rage at such an unexpected action, he ordered the guards to throw Bo Yi Kao into the snake pit as punishment. Begging the king to do what she wished with him, Daji ordered the executioners to nail Bo Yi Kao's hands and feet to a board while his flesh was cut from his body piece by piece. Swearing at Daji up until his last dying breath, it was soon be decided that his flesh will be made into small cakes and sent to Ji Chang to determine if he is worthy to be freed. If he eats the cakes, he is ordinary and should thus be freed; but if Ji Chang refuses to eat them out of personal views, he is to be executed as to destroy any potential trouble in the future.

Categorized EventsEdit

  • Determination of Bo Yi Kao
  • Presentation before King Zhou
  • The new lust of Daji
  • Playing of the lute; happiness of the king
  • Daji lute lessons - the unattainable seduction
  • The "callised moon" - unparallel hatred of Daji
  • Presentation of the White Monkey
  • The final plead for forgiveness
  • Bo Yi Kao executed; serving of the meat cakes