Portal:Investiture of the Gods/Chapter 34

Investiture of the Gods
Good and Bad Fortune of Yellow Flying Tiger
Xu Zhonglin or Lu Xixing

This chapter is titled "Good and Bad Fortune of Yellow Flying Tiger". Crawling on his knees before Han Rong, while performing a reciprocated salutation, Huang Gun placed forth his remaining grandchild and begged for his life to be spared of any such punishment so that the Huang family would not only live on, but the latter would be remembered as a man of compassion even when under a ruler of contradicting attributes. Responding to such a statement, Han Rong declared that no matter what the circumstances may be, if he dares to violate his set orders through nothing more than personal consideration, others would suspect him as being an ally to the rebels and/or unreliable as a commanding personage of the Shang Dynasty. Retorting nonetheless by stating that his grandson was obviously forced into rebellion through current circumstances, and Han Rong would prove his respect towards the Huang family for reputational benefit if the child is to be freed, the latter dismissed such words as being irrational and out of the question. Knowing that all hope is thus lost, Huang Gun gave in himself and his son to be placed forth in the gaols as prisoners. Being utterly delighted at the capture of Yellow Flying Tiger's entire family and subordinate generals, a feast was performed as congratulations for such a grand feat. Discussing afterwards who should be in command of the Morning Song prisoner escort party, Han Rong sat back in satisfaction at Yu Ha's ensured backing. As Yu Ha and his party began to travel immediately with their eleven prisoners present, Huang Gun couldn't restrain his tears over such a vile conclusion to a clan that was honored as highly as the very dynasty itself. Meanwhile at the Golden Light Cave of Qianyuan Mountain, Fairy Primordial intuitively knew that trouble was running about -- and thus made a divination to find Yellow Flying Tiger and his family in grave danger. Calling for Nezha in immediate pace, Primordial ordered his disciple to rush down the mountain and set free any men who seem to be in a state of crucial need, and then return after assisting them through Sishui Pass. Grasping his Fire-Tip Lance, Nezha sped down the mountain in excitement before seeing an army marching towards his direction with prisoner carts at their side. Assuming that this entourage is the one he is looking for, Nezha took up position on a narrow stretch along the pathway and began to sing a song in order to aggravate the soldiers in some way. Strolling along to Nezha's position after attaining report on the former's actions, Yu Ha became infuriated at Nezha's insistence to obtain ten ingots of gold as payment for passage -- and thus spurred his mount forward to attack such an annoyance. Being overrun by the enemy immortal's clear renown, Yu Hua unleashed forth his magical pennant; but such was only taken away by Nezha's leopard skin bag without the slightest effort. Knowing that the man standing before him must be that of an immortal, and for surely he would meet disaster if his magical pennant was not attained quickly, Yu Ha rushed at Nezha with great desperation—clearly realizing that he could not do much in such a situation. Unleashing forth his golden brick to gravely wound Yu Ha less the latter attempted to kill the prisoners as a last resort in his desperate situation, Yu Hua galloped away in great speed while blood poured profusely from his head and body. Rationalizing for a moment, Nezha decided it best to allow Yu Hua escape less his mission was delayed any further. Sending all other soldiers to immediate flight, Nezha inspected whether a man by the name of "Yellow Flying Tiger" was present in their party before freeing anyone.

As Yellow Flying Tiger prostrated before Nezha in gratitude while announcing his name, each prisoner reciprocated many kowtows to the man who freed them from certain disaster after receiving freedom from their bonds. Ensuring Flying Tiger and his family that he shall personally hold of the pass for their sake in the time being, the former set off immediately to assist. Once Yu Hua had meanwhile returned to the side of Commander Han Rong and thoroughly elaborated his meeting with a strange immortal that attacked him solely out of greedy intentions for a toll passage, Han Rong became very uneasy over the current circumstances -- but became reassured after a general reminded the commander that Yellow Flying Tiger would have little choice but to return to Sishui even if he happened to be freed. Obtaining report shortly that a man by the name of "Nezha" had arrived before the camp gates for battle, Han Rong strode out of the pass immediately without the slightest patience for further trouble on his part. Being informed by Nezha outside the gates that he had freed Yellow Flying Tiger and his entourage while beating back a man by the name of "Yu Hua", Han Rong began to curse the former for the trouble that he has caused—and thus attacked Nezha without any further talk. Not realizing what outstanding immortal qualities Nezha possessed, Han Rong and his soldiers were beaten back quickly with fear equivalent to that of fighting a great dragon. Not allowing such a threat to simply run amok no matter how strong it may be, the four generals and two brothers of Flying Tiger suddenly approached the gates of Sishui in assistance to the furthered detriment of Han Rong. As Yu Hua was informed of this critical situation, he immediately strode from the gates and became infuriated that the immortal from earlier dared to return simply to sully his great renown. Using his golden brick and Universal Ring with great skill, Nezha forced both Han Rong and Yu Hua into immediate flight, while Yellow Flying Tiger and his father arrived shortly to break through the gates and gather all originally acquired belongings before charging through the pass in success. As Nezha took his leave shortly, Yellow Flying Tiger and his entourage eventually arrived to Mount Qi—a region neighboring Phoenix City of the Western Foothills—without any opposition or trouble at that. Ordering his fellow generals and family members to take up camp near Phoenix City following their arrival, Yellow Flying Tiger dressed in plain clothing while heading through the city alone. Walking through the streets, Flying Tiger noticed that the market and household regions were very prosperous compared to that of Morning Song—and thus became quite satisfied over the long hard-won journey that he inevitably performed. After obtaining information from a fellow passer-by where Prime Minister Jiang Ziya's mansion was located, Yellow Flying Tiger approached the mansion shortly while being ushered in before the prime minister. Thoroughly elaborating his rebellion against Morning Song and the rationale behind such an action, Jiang Ziya joyfully allowed his guest to sit by his side while ensuring the former that he shall inform such words to King Wu as soon as possible. As Jiang Ziya thus approached the palace gates shortly, while greeting the king as the usual tradition, the prime minister informed King Wu that Prince Yellow Flying Tiger of Military Prowess has forsaken King Zhou and is now present within Phoenix City to offer his service. Once Yellow Flying Tiger had been called for audience before King Wu, the prince's new title became Prince for National Pacification and Military Prowess in hopes that he shall be one of the destined founders of the future Zhou Dynasty. Performing a banquet feast in Flying Tiger's honor, each of the family members and generals serving under the former were brought within the city while reattaining their original rank and position when originally under Shang.

Categorized EventsEdit

  • The failed plead of Yellow Rolling
  • The prisoner cart escorting mission
  • Paragon's awareness; Nezha is unleashed
  • Yu Hua's great annoyance; Nezha's easy victory
  • Nezha's easily won victory over Han Glory and Yu Hua
  • Escorting of Flying Tiger; Nezha takes his leave
  • Flying Tiger's arrival within Phoenix City
  • New ranks acquired