Portal:Investiture of the Gods/Chapter 44

Investiture of the Gods
Jiang Ziya's Souls Float Over Mount Kunlun
Xu Zhonglin or Lu Xixing

This chapter is titled "Jiang Ziya's Souls Float Over Mount Kunlun". As Qin Wan began with the elaboration of his "Heavenly Destruction Trap", he noted its possession of three pennants: Heaven, earth, and humanity, and upon the consent of its creator, the trap reduces any potential intruder into nothing more than ashes -- be it immortal or human. Individually elaborating the other nine traps following, Grand Old Master grinned with delight at such a summary. However, Master Yao declared to Wen Zhong his own intentions of destroying the rebel commander under twenty-one days of time, and upon the latter's consent, Yao ascended the platform within his Soul Snatching Trap and created a straw effigy of Jiang Ziya, which was used to effectively gather his souls into one set region. Performing such an action three times every day, the prime minister clearly showed signs of being consciously dead -- for he never said a word, and appeared as if he were constantly dazed. As days upon days passed by with Jiang Ziya's clear intentions to do nothing other than sleep and complain subconsciously, each general realized that one of the new Taoist foes must possess an ability that is taking control of the prime minister in some form -- for Jiang Ziya was the only individual who carefully analyzed the traits within each trap, so they naturally would not understand the situation fully. Rousing the prime minister as a resulotion, and forcing him to appear before his generals within the conference hall, Nezha started by asking the former why he acts the way he does currently. Bending his fingers in a divinational attempt, Jiang Ziya replied by stating that everything is usual and need not worry about. Once twenty-one days had essentially passed, Yang Bliss and the others were surprised to see the prime minister nothing more than a lifeless corpse. Little did Master Yao truly understand, however, is that even after gathering all spirits present within Jiang Ziya, they would unconditionally head to the Terrace of Creation as preordained by Heaven. Being pushed away by Bai Jian upon arrival before the terrace, Jiang Ziya's souls floated onwards towards Mount Kunlun. Being gathered immediately by Master of the Cloud's gourd, and sealed tightly within by a cork, Pure Essence appeared before him, and upon the realization of the situatin, the latter took hold of the gourd and headed to the Western Foothills at once, knowing that they must be the souls of Jiang Ziya, for any other soul would be accepted by the terrace unconditionally. Being allowed entrance within Phoenix City, and essentially realizing that Jiang Ziya is indeed void of his souls, Pure Essence informed the king of the reason behind the prime minister's passing before leaving the city late into the night. Realizing that his gourd shook more violently with each step taken closer before the Soul Snatching Trap, Master Yao had meanwhile performed his incantations, but to his great dismay, the remaining souls of Jiang Ziya refused to gather themselves before his trap.

As Yao continuously began to chant and recite incantations incessantly, Pure Essence, upon his arrival, assumed the man standing before him is attempting the retrieval of the prime minister's remaining souls-due to the souls within his gourd shaking in synchronization to the former's calls--and thus charged down to steal the straw effigy. Managing to grab ahold of the effigy, Yao coincidentally looked up at the very second of the former's theory, and threw forth his black sand needles at Pure Essence, fully realizing his opposing intentions. To the fortunate sacrifice of his lotus flowers as protection, Pure Essence managed to escape the trap while elaborating the prior incidents to Master of South Pole upon his arrival at Mount Kunlun. As such was reported to Heavenly Primogenitor, Pure Essence became instructed to head to the Eight Landscape Palace to visit Lao Tzu -- for he will be able to effectively deal with the issue. Upon his arrival before Lao Tzu's residence at such a palace, he was allowed entry shortly, while thoroughly elaborating the incident with Master Yao in his attempt to steal the souls of Jiang Ziya. As Lao Tzu had personally seen the construction of what had been known as the "Soul Snatching Trap", he naturally understood that the Map of Eight Diagrams is the only way to negate such a trap's effect -- and thus handed such to Pure Essence, who departed just following. Returning to Phoenix City and reassuring King Wu and his generals of a newly obtained method that will result in the prime minister's revival, Pure Essence departed immediately to Master Yao's trap. Unrolling the map to create a large golden bridge descending through the Soul Snatching Trap, Pure Essence managed to retrieve the straw effigy, but at the same moment, Yao fumed with rage at the enemy's second attempt, while unleashing a large volley of his sand upon the former. Dropping the map in his immense terror, Pure Essence managed to escape, but was struck pale at the realization of his new weapon being lost so subtley. Returning at once to Phoenix City, Pure Essence was allowed entry to the Prime Minister's mansion, where he began to pour the souls down Jiang Ziya's throat, including the additional two sub-souls essentially accquired from Yao's effigy. As Jiang Ziya awoke as if from a long night of sleep, and was completely informed of the prior incidents involving his souls, he banged his fist in rage at such a treacherous act that even he could not prevent. Resting for several more days as a resolution, an immortal by the name of "Yellow Dragon" had arrived before the city gates shortly following, and was allowed entry upon his awakening. Informing the prime minister that many additional immortals shall be expected to arrive before the Western Foothills as a result of the ten traps, he proposed the building of a reed pavilion in addition, which should be constructed far from the capital city not only for potential military conferences, but the ultimate protection of the people as well. Following such a proposal fully, General Wu Ji reported the creation of the pavilion around a day following decree for construction. Immortals gathered shortly following within the pavilion, and each minister of the capital, excluding that of King Wu, gathered to pay their obeisances. Once all expected immortals had effectively arrived, a conflict between who should take the title of commander resounded throughout the pavilion. At such a moment in time, a whistle throughout the air had been heard to announce the arrival of an immortal of exceeded characteristics.