Portal:Investiture of the Gods/Chapter 48

Investiture of the Gods
Lu Ya's Gourd of Supreme Light
Xu Zhonglin or Lu Xixing

This chapter is titled "Lu Ya's Gourd of Supreme Light". As the scissors became two large dragons with tails interlocking as one, Burning Lamp fled for his life atop a cloud made of wood, while his deer was unfortunately cut into two halves in an instant. Not desiring to risk the loss of his newly obtained weapon by pursuing Burning Lamp a second time, Zhao Gongming returned to the camp of Shang intensely annoyed. Returning to the reed pavilion after fleeing for an extended distance, Burning Lamp thoroughly elaborated about Gongming's scissors that can turn into large dragons at will, creating great fear within the hearts of all who happened to be present. At such a point in time, a certain man claiming to be a Taoist had entered; he was a hermit from Mount West Kunlun known as Lu Ya. Declaring that he has come in order to put an end to Zhao Gongming after seeing his magical prowess early on from the clouds, each superiorman present thought little of such words with justifiable rationale as they maintained a doubtful silence. As Zhao Gongming appeared before the reed pavilion the following morning, as easily expected, he began to mock Burning Lamp for his cowardice despite holding such a high rank amongst the immortal populace on the side of Zhou. Being suddenly met by a man who he recognized to be Lu Ya from outside the pavilion's gates, he knew that such a man would be far too dangerous to let live--for even if Lu Ya were to assist the side of Shang, who knows what treachery he could pull with the weapons at his very disposal--and thus Gongming unleashed his Golden Dragon Scissors to destroy the foe in a single shot. Unfortunately transforming into a rainbow and fleeing far to the southeast, Zhao Gongming ground his teeth in rage, fully realizing that he would have no possible method to capture such an annoyance in his current state.

Personally observing Gongming in his previous encounter, Lu Ya returned to the reed pavilion while instructing Jiang Ziya to build a straw effigy of Zhao Gongming on Mount Western Foothills. Additionally instructing the prime minister to worship the effigy three times a day and burn charms at the very same moment--as was the method he taught Master Yao of the Soul Snatching Trap far into the past--Gongming will die on the twenty-first day following. As the prime minister followed such instructions very carefully and secretively for days upon end, Zhao Gongming clearly began to feel as if his heart were burning like a great fire. Walking to an fro as a resolution without the slightest feel of comfort whatsoever, Master Bai became enraged at the sight of his comrade, and knowing that the enemy is the primary cause for such a condition, he challenged the gates of the reed pavilion later that day, completely disregarding the words of Wen Zhong. As Burning Lamp and the other superiormen exited the pavilion gates shortly following, Lu Ya declared his intentions to answer Bai's challenge at once, knowing that he possesses a weapon that will not only destroy the opposition in mere moments, but will ensure his prowess to be known amongst each of his allies in addition. Entering the Vehement Flame Trap after a few rounds of battle, Master Bai ascended his platform and summoned many volleys of fire from all eight directions upon Lu Ya. Standing amongst the flames without a single burn mark present on his body, Lu Ya opened his gourd, and as a slender white beam of light ascended through the clouds and rotated several times throughout the air in a circular fashion, large eyes began to grow upon the light, puting Bai into intense fear exceeding his imagination. As this beam of light fell down upon Bai's head like an enormous blade with intense speed, Bai had little time to evade, and was cut into two halves as an immediate result. Leaving the trap shortly afterwards, Master Yao of the Soul Snatching Trap suddenly appeared, vowing to avenge his fallen comrades and the humiliation he suffered through the hands of Pure Essence.

With the retortion of a warrior known as Fang Xiang, Yao entered his trap momentarily, and not intending to waste any more time with such a neuisance, he smothered the former with his black sand of needles, killing the opposition at once. Exiting the trap and ordering Pure Essence to show himself less others are killed off as a latent resolution, Pure Essence knew in his heart that he possessed little choice in the matter -- and thus approached the enemy master with sword drawn. Upon the entering of the Soul Snatching Trap, Yao Bin unleashed countless clouds of black sand to not only blind the enemy in all directions, but to additionally ensure an immediate death. Emerging from the sand with white clouds negating any potential harm, Pure Essence flashed the white side of his Yin Yang Mirror into the eyes of Yao Bin, sending him plummetting to the ground in great dismay. Being helplessly paralyzed by the mirror's ability, Yao realized that he could do nothing in such a state, and thus he met an unfortunate death by the edge of Pure Essence's blade. As Pure Essence returned the Map of the Eight Diagrams to Xuandu Cave immediately after retrieving it from Yao's body, Wen Zhong had meanwhile been informed of the death of two additional masters and the strange condition of Zhao Gongming in the camp of Shang. With fifteen days having passed with Zhao Gongming sleeping daily upon end, Wen Zhong performed divination only to find out that a straw effigy of his old friend would be pierced through the heart by the arrow of Lu Ya upon a set date -- which would result in Gongming's death. As Master Bai conjectured the summit of Mount Western Foothills being the more probable region to which the effigy would be present, Grand Old Master knew that such a region would be heavely guarded nontheless due to its strategic position, and thus decided to inform Zhao Gongming before taking any action. Zhao Gongming, who happened to be mainly conscious dispite the condition of his internal spirits, was informed of his condition entirely, and upon the most careful of consideration that he could muster in such a state, he suggested that his two disciples--Chen Jiugong and Yao Shaosi--should be sent to seize the effigy -- for they had been trained with extraordinary stealth and are naturally akin to such situations. As Wen Zhong immediately approved such a suggestion, Burning Lamp had already made cautious preparations by protecting the prime minister with Nezha and Yang Bliss less the enemy were to obtain knowledge of their intentions through rational means. Approaching Mount Western Foothill's summit, and seeing a certain man kowtowing before a straw effigy, Yao Shaosi and Chen Jiugong smiled with great delight as they snatched the effigy with the speed of lightning while fleeing in the direction of the Shang camp. Nezha and Yang Bliss, who were naturally startled to see such an incident take place so suddenly, pursued the two thieves immediately following. As Chen Jiugong and Yao Shaosi approached the Shang camp, they were immensely started to find it disappear upon their entry following a burst of lightning -- as Yang Bliss used his genjutsu art to form an illusionary image that seemed as if to be their true camp. Using the lightning signal to appear before the two thieves momentarily, Nezha and Yang Bliss managed to dispose of Chen Jiugong and Yao Shaosi while successfully retreiving the effigy.

Returning to Jiang Ziya that night with effigy in hand, Xin Huan of Shang had meanwhile been sent to investigate the location of the two disciples, but to his great dismay, he found them both dead at a region neighboring the Shang camp, which he naturally informed the Grand Old Master about immediately following. Pounding his desk in utter rage at such a stunning report, Wen Zhong entered the room of Zhao Gongming and informed him of such unfortunate news after he had awakened. Requesting the Golden Dragon Scissors to be wrapped within his robes while sent to the residence of his three sisters following death, with tears spouting from his eyes, Gongming became exceedingly resentful by not following the words of High Firmament within the past. Seeing his old friend in such a miserable condition, Wen Zhong began to grind his teeth in unparalleled rage while vowing to destroy the foul Lu Ya even if he must give up the life he possesses to sully such hate. With Wang Bian of the Red Water Trap reciprocating such rage, the former dashed forth before the reed pavilion's gates and shouted for immediate challenge. As Cao Bao, the newly obtained friend of Burning Lamp, stepped forward to challenge the opposition, Wang Bian's rage touched new heights as his old comrade stepped before him, willing to oppose the greater good so unconditionally. Not having any tolerance for treachery in any form, Bian ran within his trap, and upon the approach of Cao Bao, he boiled the latter alive with burning red water. With hatred burning with a steady blaze, Bian exited his trap and was met by none other than Virtue of the Pure Void momentarily.

After Wen Zhong had made the divination, he would realize that Lu Ya was planning on killing Zhao Gongming with charmed arrows. Thus, Chen Juigong and Yao Shaosi would be ordered to seize the straw effigy at the time of night. By feeling a sudden blood rush to his heart, Lamp Lighter would realize that two disciples under Wen Zhong were currently being sent to steal the effigy; and if such an action is not stopped, Lamp Lighter and the others would surely be killed by Gongming's might. Nezha and Yang bliss would thus be sent immediately to the Western Foothills to elaborate such news to Jiang Ziya. By the time that they had arrived to Ziya's location however, Chen Juigong and Yao Shaosi would already get their hands on the effigy and effectively escape. Thus, Nezha and Yang Bliss would head out at full speed in order to retrieve the stolen effigy. When both Cheng and Yao arrived at the Shang camp, they would be admitted by Deng Zhong. After discussing the situation with Grand Old Master, they would both hand the effigy to him. Immediately, the two disciples would head to the back camp and suddenly realize that the whole Shang camp was gone in a mere instant. Before Yang Bliss appeared atop his horse, the two individuals would stand completely puzzled. While within the darkness of the night, both Nezha and Yang Bliss would duel out against the two disciples. Following the passage of a few minutes, Yao Shaosi would be stabbed to death by Nezha, and Yang Bliss would penetrate the breast of Chen Juigong; effectively putting an end to both of Zhao Gongming's disciples.

In short time, both Yang Bliss and Nezha would arrive at Phoenix City and return the effigy to Jiang Ziya. When the Grand Old Master had learned of the death of Chen and Yao, he would pound his desk in immense rage. As Wen Zhong fumed in his anger, he would head to Zhao Gongming's room and order him to awaken. Once Gongming heard of the news, he would tell Wen Zhong to wrap up his Golden Dragon Scissors with his robe to be given to his three younger sisters when he dies. Zhao Gongming would weep bitterly with tears pouring down from his face -- even to the extent that he could not speak. As Wen Zhong watched the tragic scene, his hair would stand on end, and he would gnash his teeth in eternal hate. At the same moment, Welkin Lord Wang Bian would head out with his Red Water Trap; completely determined to crush Jiang Ziya. After killing Cao Bao easily with his red acid water, Virtue of the Pure Void would be chosen as his second opponent.

Categorized EventsEdit

  • Wen Zhong's divination; Lu Ya's plot revealed
  • Chen Juigong and Yao Shaosi set out to retrieve straw effigy
  • Stealing of the effigy; Yang Bliss and Nezha pursue
  • The false Wen Zhong; The unfortunate death of Chen and Yao
  • Returning of the effigy; Jiang Ziya's due praise
  • Insatiable hatred of Grand Old Master
  • The last will of Zhao Gongming; Lord Bai sets out
  • Death of Cao Bao; Virtue of the Pure Void awaits