Portal:Investiture of the Gods/Chapter 5

Investiture of the Gods
Cloud Dweller Presents a Pine Wood Sword
Xu Zhonglin or Lu Xixing

This chapter is dubbed as "Cloud Dweller Presents a Pine Wood Sword". This would be the first chapter in which true chaos began to spread within the Shang Dynasty because of the King's new treasured concubine, Daji. In reality, this girl named Daji was truly killed and possessed by a fox specter, who plans on destroying the dynasty through Nu Wa's orders. When this chapter had begun, the man by the name of Cloud Dweller had currently been searching around Tiger peak for medicinal herbs. After this renowned dweller of the clouds realized that their had been a thousand year old vixen in human form—as Daji—present within the kingdom, the dweller would tell his pupil to prepare for him a wooden sword—a sword that would sicken the vixen to death after a period of time. After officials such as the Number One Grand Counselor Mei Bo had discussed the major issue of the kingdom with his fellow officials, it was soon decided that a large gong would be beaten and all officials of the kingdom would gather before the king as to show their dedication. After the annoyed King Zhou entered from his room to meet his "boring officials", he would not be in any mood to listen and only wished to return to his precious Daji. Both the Prime Minister and the Vice Prime Minister called out to their king, "Sire! Our kingdom is in trouble. There are uncontrolled floods and droughts. The populace is suffering and restless. All the memoranda from the dukes have not been attended to. Your Majesty has not come for months to the morning assembly. Many urgent matters await your decision." The king would generally turn a deaf ear to his officials primarily out of his ignorance. After Cloud Dweller appears present before Zhou and engages in a long conversation, he departs and tells the king to hang his wooden sword over the door of the Longevity Palace. Thus, the chapter then ends following the departure of both the king and all of his officials. At the very end of this chapter however, the sword would be burned through Daji's orders -- it was mysteriously making her deathly ill.

Categorized EventsEdit

  • The introduction of Cloud Dweller - a man who believes strongly in the Taoist ways.
  • Beginning chaos of Shang Dynasty - the ignored officials
  • Arrival of Cloud Dweller - presentation of wooden sword
  • Uneasy premonitions of King Zhou
  • Burning of the wooden sword