Portal:Investiture of the Gods/Chapter 60

Investiture of the Gods
The Three-"handed" Beast Fights under the Veil of Princely Repute
Xu Zhonglin or Lu Xixing

This chapter is titled "The Three-"handed" Beast Fights under the Veil of Princely Repute". Yin Hong, who though being trained continuously in the art of combat by his master, Pure Essence, for the past seven years, could not handle the great prowess that Yellow Flying Tiger possessed, and was thus immediately reinforced by Pang Hong less he were to suffer any form of crucial harm. Fearing the condition of his fellow general as he desperately clashed against the veteran warrior, Yin Hong strode forthward between their duel, flashing the white side of the mirror into Yellow Flying Tiger's eyes at a sudden instant, forcing him to the ground as a lifeless corpse. After additionally performing such an action upon Huang Tianhua, the three remaining sons fled back to the city while Yin Hong and his generals--taking ahold of the two victims--returned to the Shang camp in satisfaction over their first victory.

As Yin Hong flashed the red side into the faces of the two prisoners within the camp of Shang later that day, awakening them instantaneously, Yellow Flying began to angrily criticize the "prince" for being an imposter: The true Yin Hong should have easily been able to remember that of his savior, considering he even declared his own name within the process of their feud. Yin Hong, who was startled at the reality that he did not wish to accept, but believed it to be rational for Yellow Flying Tiger to have joined King Wu, freed his old friend from the bonds around him and bowed in respect, allowing the fellow man return to his respective home as a means to return the kindness he had showed him far into the past. Zheng Lun, who protested that such an action will further decrease the confidence and morale of Shang and destroy an opportunity that could prove crucial to the Zhou forces, was retorted by Ying Hong, who stated that the people know he is fighting for the sake of his reputation, and by showing such a form of kindness, the probability that others shall adhere to his call will increase in great fold -- considering that their own rank would be duely enhanced, and filial peity is a far more respected motive then blatant rebellion, so even the common man would bow before such courage and strength of leadership and humanity. Zheng Lun, seeing the light of his words, fell into silence, while Yellow Flying Tiger and his son set out at once with thanks.

Advancing to the city wall of Phoenix City the following morning with his renewed generals left and right, Jiang Ziya and his own unit exited the gates and began to do battle against the young prince after a feeble attempt to convince Yin Hong to defect. As their conflict arose, Jiang Ziya had attempted to land a crucial blow upon the young prince with his Staff of Beating Gods, but such a hit was nothing more than the landing of a feather before the ability that Yin Hong's magic robe possessed. Advancing forthward to finish the rebel commander off in such a state of vulnerability, he suddenly gazed to his side only to see his head commander, and trustworthy comrade, Pang Hong, pierced through the heart by Nezha's lance in one immediate attack. Bursting with unparalleled hatred and despair, Yin Hong feriously charged his halberd into Nezha's body with many thrusts as he continuously attempted to steal the latter's soul with the Yin Yang Mirror to no avail. With Jiang Ziya's immediate order, Deng Chanyu landed a crucial blow into Yin Hong's face with one of her golden pebbles, forcing him to flee back to the Shang camp in great humiliation. Detesting his master for deceiving him to join the ranks of such barbarians who would attempt to take his life at many moments without the slightest remorse or hesitation, the news of Bi Huan's additional death was heard amongst the camp, putting the young prince in an even greater state of despair and hate.

Yang Bliss, who had taken notice of Yin Hong's mirror, and suspecting the probability that such a mirror is belonging to Pure Essence as the rumors hold, was allowed Jiang Ziya's consention to head before Mount Tainhua in a chance to confront the superiorman on the current situation. Entering the Exalted Cloud Cave upon his arrival, and confronting Pure Essence, Yang Bliss soon acquired knowledge that the former's disciple, Yin Hong, was given the Yin Yang Mirror; in response to such a factor, Yang Bliss declared that the prince is attacking the Western Foothills on the contrary. Distressed at the immortal's statement, Pure Essence commanded Yang to return to Phoenix City while he makes his own preparations before departure, to which he will confront the prime minister on the matter. Arriving at the Western Foothills three days into the future, Pure Essence resentfully declared the truth of the matter to Jiang Ziya before personally confronting Yin Hong later that day within the Shang camp.

As Yin Hong confronted his master outside the Shang camp with Liu Fu and Gou Zhong to his right and left, Pure Essence commanded his disciple to stop this nonsensical rebellion and defect to the Western Foothills before any crucial form of harm is forced upon him. Yin Hong, in retortion, declared that a son should never cast aside the collosal benefit of his filial peity and go to the extent of killing his very own father: For the people of Zhou are evidentially cruel in their general manner, and by joining such men that cloud their reputation with supposed "virtue", the Shang name would be naturally thrown to the very dirt in time. Pure Essence, who was enraged to hear such words come from his disciple, angrily clashed his sword against the former's halberd, resolved to dispose of anyone--even his own precious disciple--if it meant the enforcement of time's need. Yin Hong, who was overpowered by the strong will of his master, desperately shined the white side of the mirror into the opposition's face; but Pure Essence managed to escape upon a beam of light at that very moment. Frustrated that his master managed to escape his grasp, thus ensuring furthered annoyance in the future, Yin Hong was nontheless filled with pride at the evidence that he has the potential to overcome whatever stands before him as long as the mirror is at his side.

As Su Hu and the others inquired potential strategems against the Western Foothills that night, a strange man with fire emitting from the sockets of his eyes and mouth, fully surrounded by a form of skeleton-like armor, approached the camp of Shang, asking to see Prince Yin Hong. Upon meeting the prince, this fearsome Taoist-warrior, known as "Ma Yuan" of White Bone Cavern on Skeleton Mountain, declared that he has been recently convinced by his friend, Shen Gongbao, to assist the Shang cause against the Western Foothills. Yin Hong, who was naturally delighted to hear the prospect of another warrior by his side, feasted Ma Yuan full with as much meat as the latter had desired. As Ma Yuan swore to the prince that he would destroy Jiang Ziya for the sake of his friendship with Shen Gongbao and the crucial defeat the the former had suffered, he approached Phoenix City that day only to be confronted shortly by the rebel commander and his generals. Declaring his intentions to execute the opposition for the honor of Jie Taoism to which Jiang Ziya has destroyed, Ma Yuan stole his Staff of Beating Gods following a single round of combat while a general by the name of Wu Rong immediately ran to his commander's assistance. Not longing to waste any amount of time on a mere commoner, Ma Yuan shouted many incantations, giving rise to an enormous "third hand" which sprouted from his back; this hand grabbed ahold of the unfortunate general while smashing him to the ground with unparalleled strength. Stomping on his thighs and tearing his body in two horizontal halves, Ma Yuan tore open Wu Rong's heart and began to lavishly devour it to the terror of all others who happened to be present. Earth Traveler Sun, who was enraged beyond words at such an unexpected sight, wished to seize this moment to potentially acquire great merit, and thus charged at Ma Yuan only to be smashed to the ground in short measure. As Ma Yuan was astonished to see an enormous whole beneath the crater to which he just smashed his new victim, he had little time to consider the situation: Deng Chanyu had unleashed a volley of pebbles upon the beast, forcing him to desperately lunge at the rebel commander. Devouring the heart of a certain individual who happened to get in his way--to which in this case being Yang Bliss--Ma Yuan was still kept at bay by the desperate resolve of the Zhou soldiers. Seeing that he was already crucially suffering from wounds, he openly vowed that Jiang Ziya has one more day to live; the day following, his life shall be torn apart.

As Jiang Ziya shivered in terror within the city at the prospect of such a carnivorous beast taking his life in the same manner as suffered by Wu Rong and Yang Bliss, Yin Hong had meanwhile provided a great feasting between the generals and that of Ma Yuan, who, not feeling very well, began to drink a large majority of hot wine upon Zheng Lun's suggestion. Falling to the floor with an immense stomach ache that seemingly grew stronger in pain, Ma Yuan was escorted to the latrine in the back of Shang camp, to which he began to relieve himself. To his great detriment however, the "heart" of Yang Bliss was in fact a specialized form of matter that was constructed with atoms of magic that reduced the user's vital energy dramatically. As a result of such, Ma Yuan was rendered weak for at least three days of time while Yang Bliss returned to see the Prime Minister, fully elaborating his devious method that should have proved of affect to the beast. Being greatly relieved at such news, Outstanding Culture had reportedly arrived, who, in return, declared to Jiang Ziya that he has arrived solely out of speculation that his disciple, Ma Yuan, may have been assisting the cause of Shang. Enlightened with the current situation, Oustanding Culture told Jiang Ziya a specific plan that should result in Ma Yuan's capture based upon the duration of Yang Bliss's former trick. Taking the superiorman's instructions into heart, Jiang Ziya approached the camp of Shang on the specificed date, and upon the pretense that he had intended on spying on their encampment, Ma Yuan lunged from the gates on the prince's consent. With rejuvinated power, Ma Yuan charged at Jiang Ziya, who ran away as fast as he could muster.