Portal:Investiture of the Gods/Chapter 70

Investiture of the Gods
Subjugation of the Peacock
Xu Zhonglin or Lu Xixing

This chapter is titled "Subjugation of the Peacock". Sensing immediate danger within the situation at hand, Gao Jineng would quickly unleash a swarm of wasps and locusts upon his foes. Unexpectedly for Gao however, Chong Heihu would open the gourd on his back -- effectively creating thousands of hawks that would devour the latter's insects. As Kong Xuan immediately ran to his general's assistance, he would gaze in shock at the blade of Yellow Flying Tiger as it dripped with the blood of the now dead Gao Jineng. With no further delay, Kong Xuan would take all five generals in a single beam of light. After putting his new prisoners into the gaouls, Kong Xuan would decide not to fight and instead act as a blockade to the Zhou forces. After Yang Bliss had arrived and was informed of the situation with Kong Xuan, he would head out the following day to the camp of Shang with Jiang Ziya in order to use his Demon Exposing Mirror upon the latter. When Yang Bliss had shined the mirror at Kong Xuan, all he could see was a piece of agate rolling to and fro. After Kong Xuan had lost his patience and ensued in battle with the former, Yang Bliss and the assisting Wei Hu would have no choice but to flee. Following a fierce battle with the remaining Zhou forces, Kong Xuan would be stabbed in the left shoulder by Princess Long Ji and severely wounded in the face by Deng Chanyu's pebble -- and would thus flee in defeat. Back in the camp of Zhou, Jiang Ziya would be called for a personal discussion with King Wu and would gradually lose his determination to keep up the fight. After Jiang Ziya had issued the order to reduce the cooking stoves, every individual would realize that the commander wished for retreat; and they thus begin to pack up for departure without any idea why. Fortunately, Lu Ya would arrive in short time and convince both Jiang Ziya and King Wu to continue the campaign. Once Lu Ya had physically seen Kong Xuan's renown the following day on the battlefield, he would flee back to the Zhou camp in shock.

Earth Traveler Sun, who had just entered the camp gate with extra food supplies, would yell angrily at Kong Xuan for insulting his commander in the past -- and would thus violently lash out at the latter. After Earth Traveler had effectively tricked Kong Xuan to fight him mountless, the former would be able to swiftly move through the ground delivering several blows to Kong Xuan's body. Being more annoyed then physically wounded, Kong Xuan would unleash his rays all at once upon the latter. Once Earth Traveler Sun had burrowed through the ground as to avoid the former's technique, Kong Xuan would be severely wounded in the face once again by Deng Chanyu's pebbles - and would thus flee. In seethful rage over Deng Chanyu's obnoxious technique, he would demand Chanyu at the Zhou camp early the next morning; but Jiang Ziya would be reluctent to decline such by hanging the board of truce. After Lamp Lighter had arrived the following day to do battle with Kong Xuan, he would use his great eagle in an attempt to see the former's true identity with his magic bull eye. Once he had flown back in defeat, Buddha Candi would arrive in short time and declare that Kong Xuan is predestined to join him. Thus, the former would head out to meet Kong Xuan immediately afterwards.