Portal:Investiture of the Gods/Chapter 74

Investiture of the Gods
Combat Between Two Generals
Xu Zhonglin or Lu Xixing

This chapter is titled "Combat Between Two Generals". As the three sons of Yellow Flying Tiger lashed their swords with refined ability, Chen Qi would have no choice but to immediately spat forth his yellow fog smoke and bind Huang Tianlu, the eldest. The day after Huang Tianlu had been thrown into jail, Qiu Yin would leave his pass in great eagerness to attain his long-awaited revenge against Huang Tianxiang. Upon Qiu Yin's arrival at the Zhou camp, Huang Tianxiang and Qiu Yin would violently clash their blades with rivaled renown. Unfortunately for Tianxiang however, Qiu Yin would wave a mysterious red pearl in his face which would instantly encourage drowsiness. As Huang Tianxiang was thus thrown before the commander's feet in the Shang pass, Qiu Yin would execute the former immediately once being further ridiculed. After Yellow Flying Tiger had heard of Tianxiang's execution, he would faint to the ground in a state of unparalleled grievence. After Yellow Flying Tiger had sent an urgent report of the situation to Jiang Ziya, both Deng Chanyu and Nezha would immediately head to Green Dragon Pass in order to offer their assistance. When Nezha gazed at the corpse of Huang Tianxiang hanging from the pass's wall the following day, the former's rage would burn like fire as he charged his lance at Qiu Yin. Unfortunately for Qiu Yin however, his red pearl would have no effect on Nezha -- and would only result in him fleeing with broken bones. During the latter's retreat, Earth Traveler Sun would arrive shortly to offer what he could. At that same night, Sun would secretly check on the condition of Tai Luan and Huang Tianlu before releasing Huang Tianxiang's corpse from the wall. As Yellow Flying Tiger gazed at Tianxiang's body laying along the pass, he would refuse to see any more of his sons lose their lives -- and would thus order Huang Tianjue to remain at the Western Foothills with his deceased brother. Once the Shang forces had realized the happening of Huang's body, Chen Qi would angrily storm out from their gates the following morning only to be challenged by both Earth Traveler Sun and Deng Chanyu. As Sun lashed violently at Chen Qi, the latter would easily be able to bind the former with his yellow gas ability in short time. With fear in her heart, Deng Chanyu would immediately fling two pebbles at Chen Qi: one to the back and the other to his mouth. Now with a broken spinal column and a mouth gushing with blood, Chen Qi would have no choice but to return to the pass with his current prisoner.

Unfortunately for Chen Qi and Qiu Yin however, they knew little about Earth Travler Sun's ability to escape underground -- and they thus lost the chance to kill their new prisoner. As Zheng Lun returned that same night with extra food supplies, he would hear of his new rival in ability, Chen Qi, and would thus lust to meet him on the battlefield for the sake of his pride. Once both Chen Qi and Zheng Lun had met eachother the following day, Chen Qi would manage to get the best of the former before they both unleashed their individual beams of gas. At this point in time, the two warriors would fall asleep due to their opposite's technique -- and they would thus be dragged back to their respective camps by their individualized soldiers. When Chen Qi returned to face his destined foe once more the following day, he would declare a personal battle of honor with Zheng Lun that discluded magic attributes. As these two warriors battled from dawn till dusk to determine the superior, Yellow Flying Tiger would consent to Nezha's surprise attack upon Green Dragon Pass's gates. At the time of dinner, Han Rong would write a report to the king on the war situation, asking him to send reinforcements for the sake of their pass. After hearing great commotion roaring about within the pass that night, Qiu Yin would charge from his camp and see many generals of Zhou clashing their cutlasses against the forces of Shang. Unfortunately for Qiu Yin, he would have no choice but to escape from the pass atop his dust cloud at great speed once being surrounded by Yellow Flying Tiger and his generals. At this point in time, Chen Qi would lose his life by the hands of Zheng Lun and the Zhou forces would effectively seize the pass. As Nezha reported their success to Jiang Ziya at Sishui, a grand celebrational feast would take place that night.