Portal:Investiture of the Gods/Chapter 77

Investiture of the Gods
Transformation Into Three Fairies
Xu Zhonglin or Lu Xixing

This chapter is titled "Transformation Into Three Fairies". As each superiorman gazed at the four fairy swords pointing in different directions while entering the trap, Multi-Precious would suddenly rush forth and clash his duel swords against his hated enemy: Grand Completion. After a lengthened battle between these two individuals, Grand Completion would have no choice but to use his Heaven Overturning Stamp against the former less he were to be killed. While Multi-Precious thus retreated with his newly established wounds, the superiormen would meanwhile flee back to their reed pavilion. Heavenly Primogenitor would arrive from the skies in his Nine Dragon Lignaloe Carriage shortly afterwards -- and would be welcomed with immense gratitude. Once midnight had arrived, Multi-Precious realized that Primogenitor was now present and would thus head out to retrieve the Grand Master of Heaven in order to defeat their new foe. As the following night had approached, Burning Lamp would gaze in the direction of the trap and see the Grand Master of Heaven sitting atop his throne while in attendance with each of his disciples. Heavenly Primogenitor would order his disciples to enter the Fairy Immortal Trap the next day in ten pairs of two. As the Grand Master of Heaven confronted Heavenly Primogenitor and his disciples, the former would reprimand Grand Completion as the reason to his arrival. Even after having the issue elaborated, Primogenitor would relatively agree with Grand Completion's false statement -despite its foulness- thus sending Grand Master of Heaven away with the resolve to prove his superiority. When Primogenitor had thus entered the trap to prove the former's words as mere folly, the Fairy Slaying Sword would fall from the gate atop the latter's head; but lotus flowers would immediately appear to negate all possible harm. With no intention to destroy the trap until his other brothers had arrived, he would exit and await their arrival. Once Lao Zi had arrived in a few moments, he would tell Primogenitor that if the Grand Master of Heaven were to continue in his defiance the latter should be put before the Jade Emperor for trial.