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Pike's New Century Series

Pike's New Century Series was published from 1898 to 1912. It includes biographies and topography. It was edited by W. T. Pike.

  1. Bristol in 1898 (W. T. Pike.). 2 vols., 1898-1899.
  2. Manchester and Salford (William Burnett Tracy). 1901.
  3. Birmingham (W. T. Pike). 1900
  4. Sheffield and Neighbourhood (Sidney Oldall Addy). 1901.
  5. Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire (John Potter Briscoe). 1901.
  6. West Riding of Yorkshire (W. Herbert Scott). 1902.
  7. Leicestershire and Rutland (William Scarff). 1902.
  8. North and East Ridings of Yorkshire (W. H. Scott). 1903
  9. Lancashire (W. B. Tracy). 1903. IA
  10. Kent (T. Bavington Jones). 1904.
  11. Cheshire (Robert Head). 1904.
  12. Edinburgh and the Lothians (Alexander Eddington) 1904.
  13. Hampshire (William Henry Jacob). 1905.
  14. Northumberland (James Jamieson). 1905.
  15. London (Charles Welch). 1905.
  16. Wiltshire and Dorset (Edward Earle Dorling). 1906.
  17. Durham (James Jamieson). 1906. IA
  18. Surrey (W. E. Hitchin) 1906. Re-issued 1907 as No. 24.
  19. Staffordshire and Shropshire (Cameron Penn). 1907.
  20. [not published]
  21. South Wales and Monmouthshire (John Austin Jenkins). 1907.
  22. Lincolnshire (Alfred Hunt and others). 1907.
  23. Berks, Bucks & Beds (James Edmund Vincent). 1907.
  24. British Engineers and Allied Professions (T. E. Vincent). 1908.
  25. Hertfordshire (J. E. Vincent). 1908. [see also Northamptonshire, below]
  26. Dublin and Co. Dublin (Effraim Macdowel Coegrave). 1908.
  27. Essex (W. T. Pike). 1909.
  • Northamptonshire (W. T. Pike). 1908. (A second volume erroneously numbered 25)


  • Belfast and the Province of Ulster (Robert Magill Young). 1909.
  • Ulster Contemporary Biographies (W. T. Pike). 1910.
  • Cork and County Cork (Richard James Hodges). 1911.
  • Suseex (W. T. Pike). 1910.
  • Liverpool and Birkenhead (W. T. Pike). 1911.
  • Norfolk and Suffolk in East Anglia (E. C. Hopper). 1911.
  • East Anglia (Fabian Hussey). 1912. IA
  • Northants and Huntingdonshire (W. M. Noble). 1912.


  • 'Apart from Vol. 1 "Bristol in 1898: Contemporary Biographies", Vol. 2 "Manchester and Salford at the Close of the Nineteenth Century", Vol. 24 "British Engineers and Allied Professions in the Twentieth Century", and "Ulster Contemporary Biographies", the full title was always either (Vols. 3-23) [Blankshire] at the Opening of the Twentieth Century: Contemporary Biographies, or (Vol. 25 on) [Blankshire] in the Twentieth Century: Contemporary Biographies. The names in brackets are those of the authors of the introductory section.' (Source)
  • Each work comprised an introductory topographical essay, followed by a number of biographies
  • The biographical sections of these works were reprinted in the 1980s under the series title "A Dictionary of Edwardian Biography".

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