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Pimelea linifolia
This page links to documents related to the plant species Pimelea linifolia commonly known as Queen-of-the-bush, Slender Riceflower and Flax-leafed Riceflower.

Pimelea linifolia, as figured in A specimen of the botany of New Holland (1793), in which the species was first published.

  • von Meyer, Carl Anton (1845) Bulletin Scientifique publie par L'Academie Imperiale des Sciences de Saint Petersbourg
    • Pimelea linifolia transferred into Calyptrostegia as Calyptrostegia linifolia on page 74. This is no longer upheld.

  • Kuntze, Otto (1891), Revisio Generum Plantarum 2
    • Pimelea linifolia transferred into Banksia Forster & Forster Banksia linifolia on page 583. This is no longer upheld.