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Second Council of Ephesus
The Second Council of Ephesus, commonly known as the Robber Council of Ephesus, was a Christological church synod in 449 AD convoked by Emperor Theodosius II under the presidency of Pope Dioscorus I of Alexandria. It was intended to be an Ecumenical Council, but because of the scandalous nature of the proceedings, canon legalities, and the heterodox nature of the canons and decrees as viewed by the orthodox bishops of East and West (and the later ecumenical councils), it was never accepted as ecumenical. It was explicitly repudiated by the fourth and next ecumenical council, the Council of Chalcedon of 451, and named the Latrocinium, or "Robber Council".


The Acts by the Second Council of Ephesus are known through a Syriac translation by a monk, published in the British Museum (MS. Addit. 14,530), written in the year 535 AD. The first session is missing.

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