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Society of SS. Peter and Paul
The Society of SS. Peter and Paul was an English Anglo-Catholic publishing company in the Anglican Papalist tradition. It was established in 1911 as a reaction to the works of the Revd Percy Dearmer, particularly The Parson's Handbook, which advocated a liturgical style distinct to England and rooted in the Sarum rite. The society believed that the church should follow the liturgical development of the European continental church and remain faithful to the Roman Rite used by Rome, and that the best means to accomplish this was to produce missals and other prayer books for this liturgical tradition.
Society of SS Peter and Paul


Major worksEdit

Exeter Books seriesEdit

  1. Candlemas (external scan)
  2. Ash Wednesday
  3. Palm Sunday (external scan)
  4. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in Holy Week
  5. Maundy Thursday
  6. Good Friday
  7. Holy Saturday
  8. Tenebrae
  9. The Masses of Mary (external scan)
  10. Corpus Christi
  11. Masses of June
  12. All Souls Day
  13. Christmas
  14. Order and Canon of English Mass
  15. Masses of Advent
  16. Masses of Epiphany
  17. Common of Saints
  1. Liturgy of 1549
  2. Mass for Bride and Bridegroom

Non-liturgical booksEdit