The purpose of the Speeches portal is to provide a central point for the adding, editing, attribution and organisation of our collection of English language speeches. To keep the collection consistent there is a standard format that should be followed when adding any new speech:

Begin with a standard header
| previous = 
| next     = 
| title    = 
| section  = 
| author   = 
| notes    = 
Header parameters:
  • title – the title of the speech
  • author – the name of the author (it isn't necessary to [[wikify]] this)
  • notes – a brief introduction
    This should be in italics and should specify who gave the speech (including any distinguishing letters like MP), their position (e.g., United States President, British Prime Minister, etc.), the topic of the speech, where and when it was given, and if necessary a brief explanation (or Wikipedia link) if the topic of the speech is obscure or little known internationally.
  • previous/next – [[link]] to any other speech (here at Wikisource) that this speech was intended to respond to, or which served as a response to this speech
Followed by the text of the speech
And then any categories
[[Category:First category name]]
[[Category:Second category name]]
List any categories that the speech should be found in. A full list is available at Category:Speeches.
Also note
The same general guidelines on adding a new text should be followed as with any other document.