WikiSource has a number of resources which directly relate to biological taxonomy, from species descriptions to biologist's field notes. This portal aims to provide ways to annotate species names and other taxonomic categories.


Existing templateEdit

{{Species name}}
Usage: {{species name|Panthera tigris}}   Panthera tigris*
Effects: Italicization, links to the English Wikipedia and the Commons.
Usage: {{taxon|tiger}} or {{taxon|Panthera tigris|tyger}}   tiger   tiger or tyger   tiger.
  • Text remains identical to original text.
  • Links to Wikipedia (in-text) and to Wikispecies and the Commons (in a little floating box on the right).
  • Eventually, this could add categories (e.g. Category:Panthera tigris) following the scheme in the WikiMedia Commons, allowing users to quickly find every page in
  • What about cases where you want to link to both the common name (e.g. "tiger") as well as the Latin binomial ("Panthera tigris")? Should we support {{taxon}}? I think that makes the whole template very complicated (and perhaps we could have an 'advanced' template which supports some or all of this?
    • Possibly solution: two templates, one of which assumes valid taxonomic name ({{taxon}}) and the other one assuming a species name ({{taxonSp|tyger|Panthera|tigris}}). The latter will always italicize its name, so it can handle both Panthera tigris as well as Panthera sp.

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