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Presidential Weekly Address - 19 March 2018

My fellow Americans,

This week, we continue to hear from more citizens benefiting from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, with more money in their paychecks, and hope for an even more prosperous future.

The fact is, they're doing better they're spending money and they're saving money like they haven't before all because of these great tax cuts.

Lauren Ray Kovac wrote to say that she and her husband are registered Democrats, and after years of financial struggles, the economy is finally delivering for them. They're doing well again. They're happy. The Kovacs 401k is now growing, and they have an extra $165 in each paycheck. That's thousands of dollars a year.

While Nancy Pelosi calls this crumbs, Lauren sees it as grocery shopping all year long. It's a lot of money for Lauren and a lot of money for our family. It's called living better.

As Lauren says, every little bit helps -- and this is more than a little bit. Well Lauren, like every hard-working American, you deserve to keep more of your money, and you worked hard to get it. Now you're keeping it.

If you agree, share your story of American success and the pride in your paycheck at Do it now. Maybe we'll be reading your story. And you know what? There are a lot of great stories out there right now, because people are happy. They're making a lot more money.

Their government is taking a lot less from 'em, and that's my great honor to have helped. So enjoy it. Your country is doing great.

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