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Canada Gazette/Volume LXXIII/No. 11/Proclamation, September 1, 1939 (2)



GEORGE THE SIXTH, by the Grace of God of Great Britain, Ireland, and the British Dominions beyond the Seas KING, Defender of the Faith, Emperor of India.

To all to Whom these Presents shall come or whom the same may in anywise concern,



Attorney General,

WHEREAS the War Measures Act provides that the issue of a Proclamation by Us or under the authority of the Governor in Council shall be conclusive evidence that war, invasion or insurrection, real or apprehended, exists or has existed for any period of time therein stated and of its continuance, until by the issue of a further proclamation it is declared that the war, invasion or insurrection no longer exists.

Now Know Ye that by and with the advice of Our Privy Council for Canada We do hereby proclaim and declare by this Our Proclamation that apprehended war exists and has existed as and from the twenty-fifth day of August, one thousand nine hundred and thirty-nine.

Of All Which Our Loving Subjects and all others whom these Presents may concern are hereby required to take notice and to govern themselves accordingly,

In Testimony Whereof We have caused these Our Letters to be made Patent and the Great Seal of Canada to be hereunto affixed. Witness: Our Right Trusty and Well-beloved John, Baron Tweedsmuir of Elsfield, a Member of Our Most Honourable Privy Council, Knight Grand Cross of Our Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George, Knight Grand Cross of Our Royal Victorian Order, Member of Our Order of the Companions of Honour, Governor General and Commander-in-Chief of Our Dominion of Canada.

At Our Government House, in Our City of Ottawa, this first day of September, in the year of Our Lord one thousand nine hundred and thirty-nine and in the Third year of Our Reign.

By Command,


Under-Secretary of State.