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Canadian Proclamations
In English law, a proclamation is a formal announcement ("Royal Proclamation"), made under the great seal, of some matter which the King in Council or Queen in Council desires to make known to his or her subjects: e.g., the declaration of war, the statement of neutrality, the summoning or dissolution of Parliament, or the bringing into operation of the provisions of some statute the enforcement of which the legislature has left to the discretion of the king in council.
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Queen VictoriaEdit


  • May 23, 1868, regulating quarantine and public health for vessels coming into Canada.
  • June 19, 1868, regulating quarantine and public health for immigrants landing at Quebec.
  • June 20, 1868, establishing July 1, 1868 as Dominion Day

George VIEdit



  • December 26, 1942, declaring the extraterritoriality of the birthplace of Princess Margriet of the Netherlands

Provincial proclamationsEdit

British ColumbiaEdit

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