Protestation Oath of 1641

The  P R E A M B L E.

WE the Knights, Citizens, and Burgeſſs of the Commons Houſe in Parliament, finding, to the Grief of our Hearts, that the Deſigns of the Prieſts and Jeſuits, and other Adherents to the See of Rome, have of late more boldly and been frequently put in Practice than formerly, to the undermining and danger of the ruin of the true Reformed Religion, in his Majeſty's Dominions eſtabliſhed: and finding alſo that there have been, nad having cauſe to ſuſpect there ſtill are, even during the ſitting in Parliament, endeavours to ſubvert the Fundamental Laws of England and Ireland; and to introduce the exerciſe of an Arbitrary and Tyrannical Government, by moſt pernicious and wicked Counſels, Practices, Plots, and Conſpiracies; and that the long intermiſſion, and unhappier Breach of Parliaments, hath occaſioned many illegal Taxations: Whereupon the Subjects have been proſecuted and grieved, and that divers Innovations and Superſtitions have been brought into the Church; multitudes driven out of his Majeſty's Dominions, Jealouſies raiſed and fomented between the King and his People; and a Popiſh Army levyed in Ireland; and two Armies brought into the Bowels of this Kingdom, to the hazard of his Majeſty's Royal Perſon, the Conſumption of the Revenue of the Crown, and the Treaſure of this Realm. And laſtly, finding the great Cauſes of Jealouſie, that endeavours have been, and are uſed to bring the Engliſh Army into miſunderſtanding of this Parliament, thereby to encline that Army by force, to bring to paſs thoſe wicked Counſels, have therefore thought good to join our ſelves in a Declaration of our united Affections and Reſolutions, and to make this enſuing Proteſtation.

The   P R O T E S T A T I O N.

I A. B. Do in the preſence of Almighty God, promiſe, vow, and proteſt to maintain and defend as far as lawfully I may, with my Life, Power and Eſtate, the true reformed Proteſtant Religion, expreſſed in the Doctrine of the Church of England, against all Popery and Popiſh Innovation within this Realm, contrary to the ſaid Doctrine; and according to the Duty of my Allegiance I will maintain, and defend his Majeſty's Royal Perſon, Honour, and Eſtate.

Alſo the Power and Privilege of Parliaments, the Lawful Rights and Liberties of the Subjects, and every Perſon that ſhall make this Proteſtation, in whatſoever he ſhall do in the lawful Purſuance of the ſame; and to my Power, as far as lawfully I may, I will oppoſe, and by all good ways and means, endeavour to bring condign Puniſhments on all ſuch as ſhall by Force, Practice, Counſels, Plots, Conſpiracies, or otherwiſe do any thing to the contrary in this preſent Proteſtation contained: And further, That I ſhall in all Juſt and Honourable ways, endeavour to preſerve the Union and Peace betwixt the three Kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland: And neither for Hope, Fear, or any other Reſpects, ſhall relinquiſh this Promiſe, Vow, and Proteſtation.