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Pseudo-Clementine literature

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Clementine literature or Pseudo-Clementine literature, also called Clementina, Pseudo-Clementine Writings, The Preaching of Peter, Kerygmata Petrou, Clementine Romance etc, is a work of fiction dating to the third or fourth century CE.

This romance has come down to us in two forms: one form is called the Clementine Homilies (H), which consists of 20 books and exists in the original Greek; the other is called the Clementine Recognitions (R), for which the original Greek has been lost, but exists in a Latin translation made by Tyrannius Rufinus (died 410). [...] It is now almost universally held (after F. J. A. Hort, Harnack, Hans Waitz) that H and R are two versions of an original Clementine romance, which was longer than either, and embraced most of the contents of both. Sometimes H, sometimes R, is the more faithful to the archetype.Excerpted from Pseudo-Clementine literature on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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