Public Law 106-113/Division B/Appendix I/Title IV/Subtitle G


Sec. 4701. Short Title.Edit

This subtitle may be cited as the ``Patent and Trademark Office Efficiency Act´´.

Chapter 1 − United States Patent and Trademark OfficeEdit

Sec. 4711. Establishment of Patent and Trademark Office.
Sec. 4712. Powers and Duties.
Sec. 4713. Organization and Management.
Sec. 4714. Public Advisory Committees.
Sec. 4715. Conforming Amendments.
Sec. 4716. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.
Sec. 4717. Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences.
Sec. 4718. Annual Report of Director.
Sec. 4719. Suspension or Exclusion from Practice.
Sec. 4720. Pay of Director and Deputy Director.

Chapter 2 − Effective Date; Technical AmendmentsEdit

Sec. 4731. Effective Date.
Sec. 4732. Technical and Conforming Amendments.

Chapter 3 − Miscellaneous ProvisionsEdit

Sec. 4741. References.
Sec. 4742. Exercise of Authorities.
Sec. 4743. Savings Provisions.
Sec. 4744. Transfer of Assets.
Sec. 4745. Delegation and Assignment.
Sec. 4746. Authority of Director of the Office of Management and Budget with Respect to Functions Transferred.
Sec. 4747. Certain Vesting of Functions Considered Transfers.
Sec. 4748. Availability of Existing Funds.
Sec. 4749. Definitions.