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The picture shows the exterior view of the Pennsylvania State College Radio Station.

The Penn State Radio Station, 8XE from the April 1916 issue of QST.png

The tower is 121 feet high and insulated from the ground. The aerial is a six wire phosphor bronze of the straight-away type.

 The interior of the station is very conveniently arranged and includes a 2 Kw. Clapp-Eastham type “E” transformer and a rotary gap with the other usual transmitting apparatus. All transmitting except in times of QRM is done on 500 meters.

 The receiving set consists of an audion detector, Stromberg-Carlson phones and a Clapp-Eastham type variometer tuner. A new receiving set is now under construction and when completed will be thoroughly up—to-date and will include both oscillating and plain circuits with a range in wave length from 200 to 15,000 meters. The “nite” range of the station is 800 miles and many times can work a greater distance.

 The following schedule has been adopted for the ensuing college year. The periods for “listening in” will be as follows: All days except Friday, 7:30-7:45; 8:30-8:45; 9:45-10:15. Friday, 9:45 to 10:15 only. Athletic results, etc, will be sent at 9:00 0’clock on the days of the contests.

 Anyone hearing us at a considerable distance will please notify: M. R. Strausberger, 102 Foster Ave., State College, Pa.

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