QST/March 1916/American Radio Relay League Station 8ZI

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This article appeared in the March 1916 issue of QST

Two-kilowatt rotary quenced gap from the March 1916 QST.png

American Radio Relay League Station 8ZI from the March 1916 QST.png

 We have, in Mr. Roy C. Burr’s station, one of the best east of the Rocky Mountains. This station which is located in Norwalk, Ohio, has probably done more relaying than any other station along The American Radio Relay League Trunk Lines. The smaller illustration shows a two kw. rotary quenched gap designed by Mr. Burr. With this gap, Mr. Burr radiates 5½, amperes on a short wave, with a 460 cycle note. Using 880 watts input, this station has worked 900 miles. A complete description of the gap will be published in an early issue of “QST.”

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