Ratifications of the Constitution of the United States/Maryland

In Convention of the Delegates of the People of the State of Maryland, April 28, 1788.

We, the delegates of the people of the state of Maryland, having fully considered the Constitution of the United States of America, reported to Congress by the Convention of deputies from the United States of America, held in Philadelphia, on the 17th day of September, in the year 1787, of which the annexed is a copy, and submitted to us by a resolution of the General Assembly of Maryland, in November session, 1787, do, for ourselves, and in the name and on the behalf of the people of this state, assent to and ratify the said Constitution.

In witness whereof, we have hereunto subscribed our names.

GEO. PLATER, President.

Richard Barnes, Richard Potts, George Gale,
Charles Chilton, Abraham Few, Henry Waggaman,
N. Lewis Sewall, William Paca, John Stewart,
William Tilghman, William Granger, James Gordon Heron,
Donaldson Yeates, Joseph Wilkinson, Samuel Evans,
Isaac Perkins, Charles Graham, Fielder Bowie,
John Gale, John Chelsea, Jun. Osb. Sprigg,
N. Hammond, W. Smith, Benjamin Hall,
Daniel Sullivan, G. R. Brown, George Digges,
James Shaw, J. Parnham, Nicholas Carrole,
Jos. Gilpin, Zeph. Turner, A. C. Hanson,
H. Hollingsworth, Michael Jenifer Stone, James Tilghman,
John Done, R. Goldsborough, Jun., John Seney,
Thomas Johnson, Edward Lloyd, James Hollyday,
Thomas S. Lee, John Stevens, William Hemsley,
Peter Chaille, Peter Edmonson, Henry Shryock,
James Martin, James M Henry, Thomas Cramphin,
William Morris, John Coulter, Richard Thomas,
J. Richardson, Thomas Sprigg, William Deakins, Jun.
William Richardson, John Stull, Benj. Edwards.
Matt. Driver, Moses Rawlings,  

Attest. Wm. Harwood, Clerk.