Reform (Amendment) (Sark) Law 1981

The Reform (Amendment) (Sark) Law  (1981) 

1 The Chief Pleas may, from time to time, by Resolution appoint a person (hereinafter referred to as "the Assistant Constable") to discharge such functions and exercise such powers as he may be authorised so to do under or by virtue of the provisions of the next succeeding section and the Chief Pleas may at any time by Resolution revoke any such appointment.

2 Subject to the provisions of the last preceding subsection, the appointment of a person as Assistant Constable shall be for such period and subject to such terms and conditions of service as the Chief Pleas may at any time in any such Resolution as aforesaid prescribe.

3 (1) Notwithstanding the provisions s of the principal Law, the Assistant Constable, upon being authorised by the Constable so to do, may discharge any function and exercise any power appertaining to the office of Constable.

(2) Nothing in the provisions of the last preceding subsection shall derogate from the functions and power of the Vingtenier.
(3) In the event of the Assistant Constable discharging any functions or exercising any powers appertaining to the office of Constable which he is authorised to discharge. or exercise under or by virtue of subsection (1) of this section, the provisions contained in or made under any other enactment relating to the discharge of such functions or the exercise of such powers shall have effect as if reference therein to the Constable included a reference to the Assistant Constable.
(4) It shall be the duty of the Constable or, in the absence or Incapacity of the Constable and during a vacancy in that office, the Vingtenier to ensure that the Assistant Constable carries out the duties of his office faithfully and well.

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