Resurrection Rock (1920)

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Resurrection Rock  (1920) 
by Edwin Balmer
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"What is it?" she cried to him, suddenly shaken.
Frontispiece. See page 51.

Copyright, 1920,
By Edwin Balmer.
All rights reserved
Published August, 1920


I The Region of the Rock 1
II A Stranger Arrives 8
III "You Might Be Any One!" 20
IV The Household of St. Florentin 57
V The Hunt in the Night 76
VI The House on the Rock 93
VII Lucas' Trick 113
VIII A Compact 125
IX Cousin Agnes 145
X A Letter from London 157
XI James Quinlan 173
XII Information and Alarms 189
XIII "Towards God and Towards Man" 202
XIV Barney Loutrelle 215
XV A Flaming Torch 238
XVI The Right to Love 256
XVII "I Must Never See Him Again" 269
XVIII The Woman Who Went to the Rock 282
XIX Lucas Walks by the Lake 299
XX And Calls upon a Yellow Canary 314
XXI A Difficulty with Heaven 328
XXII The Secret of the Tall Trees 337
XXIII In the Moon of the Breaking Snowshoes 364

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