Revelations of Divine Love/Chapter 68


"He said not: Thou shalt not be tempested, thou shalt not he travailed, thou shalt not he afflicted; but He said: Thou shalt not be overcome"

THIS was a delectable Sight and a restful Shewing, that it is so without end. The beholding of this while we are here is full pleasing to God and full great profit to us; and the soul that thus beholdeth, it maketh it like to Him that is beheld, and oneth it in rest and peace by His grace. And this was a singular joy and bliss to me that I saw Him sitting: for the [quiet] secureness of sitting sheweth endless dwelling.

And He gave me to know soothfastly that it was He that shewed me all afore. And when I had beheld this with heedfulness, then shewed our good Lord words[1] full meekly without voice and without opening of lips, right as He had [afore] done, and said full sweetly: Wit it now well that it was no raving that thou saivest to-day: but take it and believe it, and keep thee therein, and comfort thee therewith, and trust thou thereto: and thou shalt not be overcome.

These Last Words were said for believing and true sureness that it is our Lord Jesus that shewed me all. And right as in the first word that our good Lord shewed, signifying His blissful Passion,—Herewith is the devil overcome,—right so He said in the last word, with full true secureness, meaning us all: Thou shalt not be overcome overcome'' And all this teaching in this true comfort, it is general, to all mine even-Christians, as it is aforesaid: and so is God's will.

And this word: Thou shalt not be overcome, was said full clearly[2] and full mightily, for assuredness and comfort against all tribulations that may come. He said not: Thou shalt not he tempested, thou shalt not be travailed, thou shalt not be afflicted; but He said: Thou shalt not be overcome. God willeth that we take heed to these words, and that we be ever strong in sure trust, in weal and woe. For He loveth and enjoyeth us, and so willeth He that we love and enjoy Him and mightily trust in Him; and all shall be well.

And soon after, all was close and I saw no more.

  1. See lxx. "He shewed it all [the Revelation] again within in my soul."
  2. "sharply" = decisively.