Rhymes of a Red-Cross Man

Rhymes of a Red-Cross Man  (1916) 
by Robert W. Service

To the Memory of
My Brother,
Canadian Infantry
Killed in Action, France

August, 1916.

Table of ContentsEdit

  1. Foreword
  2. The Call
  3. The Fool
  4. The Volunteer
  5. The Convalescent
  6. The Man from Athabaska
  7. The Red Retreat
  8. The Haggis of Private McPhee
  9. The Lark
  10. The Odyssey of 'Erbert 'Iggins
  11. A Song of Winter Weather
  12. Tipperary Days
  13. Fleurette
  14. Funk
  15. Our Hero
  16. My Mate
  17. Milking Time
  18. Young Fellow My Lad
  19. A Song of the Sandbags
  20. On the Wire
  21. Bill's Grave
  22. Jean Desprez
  23. Going Home
  24. Cocotte
  25. My Bay'nit
  26. Carry On!
  27. Over the Parapet
  28. The Ballad of Soulful Sam
  29. Only a Boche
  30. Pilgrims
  31. My Prisoner
  32. Tri-colour
  33. A Pot of Tea
  34. The Revelation
  35. Grand-père
  36. Son
  37. The Black Dudeen
  38. The Little Piou-piou
  39. Bill the Bomber
  40. The Whistle of Sandy McGraw
  41. The Stretcher-Bearer
  42. Wounded
  43. Faith
  44. The Coward
  45. Missis Moriarty's Boy
  46. My Foe
  47. My Job
  48. The Song of the Pacifist
  49. The Twins
  50. The Song of the Soldier-born
  51. Afternoon Tea
  52. The Mourners
  53. L'Envoi

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