Rhymes of a Rolling Stone

Rhymes of a Rolling Stone  (1912) 
by Robert W. Service

I have no doubt at all the Devil grins,
As seas of ink I spatter.
Ye gods, forgive my "literary" sins —
The other kind don't matter.

Table of Contents

  1. Prelude
  2. A Rolling Stone
  3. The Soldier of Fortune
  4. The Gramaphone At Fond-Du-Lac
  5. The Land of Beyond
  6. Sunshine
  7. The Idealist
  8. Athabaska Dick
  9. Cheer
  10. The Return
  11. The Junior God
  12. The Nostomaniac
  13. Ambition
  14. To Sunnydale
  15. The Blind and the Dead
  16. The Atavist
  17. The Sceptic
  18. The Rover
  19. Barb-Wire Bill
  20. "?"
  21. Just Think!
  22. The Lunger
  23. The Mountain and the Lake
  24. The Headliner and the Breadliner
  25. Death in the Arctic
  26. Dreams Are Best
  27. The Quitter
  28. The Cow-Juice Cure
  29. While the Bannock Bakes
  30. The Lost Master
  31. Little Moccasins
  32. The Wanderlust
  33. The Trapper's Christmas Eve
  34. The World's All Right
  35. The Baldness of Chewed-Ear
  36. The Mother
  37. The Dreamer
  38. At Thirty-Five
  39. The Squaw Man
  40. Home and Love
  41. I'm Scared of It All
  42. A Song of Success
  43. The Song of the Camp-Fire
  44. Her Letter
  45. The Man Who Knew
  46. The Logger
  47. The Passing of the Year
  48. The Ghosts
  49. Good-Bye, Little Cabin
  50. Heart O' the North
  51. The Scribe's Prayer

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