Robert Taylor v. John Thompson Mason

Court Documents

United States Supreme Court

22 U.S. 325

Robert Taylor  v.  John Thompson Mason

APPEAL from the Circuit Court of Maryland.

The bill in this cause was filed in behalf of one of the coheirs of Richard Barnes, deceased, and her children; and claims an account of the profits of his estate, from the defendant, J. T. M., also a co-heir, who claims and holds possession of the estate, under the will of the said Richard.

Three instruments of writing, purporting to be the will of the testator, all of them properly authenticated, were exhibited in the record. The first, dated on the 31st day of October, in the year 1789, gives his whole estate, after pecuniary legacies to his other nephews and niece, to the defendant, J. T. M.

In the second will, which is dated the 16th day of July, 1800, the testator gives his whole real estate to J. T. M. during his life, and after his death to his eldest son, Abraham, in tail, on condition of his changing his name to Abraham Barnes, with remainder to the heirs of his nephew, J. T. M., lawfully begotten, forever, on their changing their surname to Barnes.


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