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Roy's Wife.

[Sometimes erroneously ascribed to the late Mrs. Grant of Laggan. The authoress was Mrs. Grant of Carron, near Elchies, on the river Spey, afterwards married to Dr. Murray of Bath. She was born near Aberlour about 1745, and died about 1814.]

Roy's wife of Aldivalloch,
Roy's wife of Aldivalloch,
Wat ye how she cheated me,
As I cam' o'er the braes of Balloch?

She vow'd, she swore she wad be mine;
She said she lo'ed me best of onie;
But ah! the fickle, faithless quean,
She's ta'en the carle, and left her Johnnie.
Roy's wife, &c.

O, she was a cantie quean,
Weel could she dance the Highland walloch,
How happy I, had she been mine,
Or I been Boy of Aldivalloch.
Roy's wife, &c.

Her hair sae fair, her een sae clear,
Her wee bit mou' sae sweet and bonnie;
To me she ever will be dear,
Though she's for ever left her Jolmnie.
Roy's wife, &c.