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Royal Naval Biography/Advertisement


The Addenda contain such additional information as has been transmitted to me since the Work went to the Press. At p. 866, will be found a copy of the petition which was originally presented to the Guardians of the Widows' Charity, relative to the pensions granted to relicts of Naval Officers; and which led to the establishment of the benevolent regulations now in force.

The reader is requested to turn to the Errata, which is inserted after the Table of Contents; also to the Corrigenda at the end of each volume; and make the necessary corrections.

The abbreviations will be readily understood by referring to the titles of officers, as given at length at the commencement of each memoir.

A Supplement to the Addenda will be delivered with the next volume.

Vol. II. commences with the memoirs of the Superannuated Rear-Admirals and Retired Captains, and contains those of all the Post-Captains who were living on the first day of the present year; and of those officers who have since obtained Post rank.

Vol. III. will contain Memoirs of all the Commanders whose names appeared on the Admiralty List of Sea Officers at the same period, together with those since added. A general Index to the Contents, and a Chronological Table of all the actions &c. recorded in the work, will be given at the end of the volume.

The difficulty of procuring the addresses of officers renders it necessary that those who wish to see the memoirs of their services free from those errors to which a work of this description must necessarily be subject in the hands of an unassisted individual embracing, as it does, the relation of such a multitude of details, should afford me the means of communication with them, by furnishing me with their address. It is indispensably necessary that all communications be forwarded free of postage or other expense.

The Subscribers who desire it may have each part as it comes from the press, instead of waiting for the completion of the work.

It is requested that all communications may be addressed to Lieut. John Marshall (b), 10, John Street, Adelphi; or 67, Chancery Lane.