Royal Naval Biography/Aldridge, John Williams


Was a midshipman on board the Rippon 74, Captain Sir Christopher Cole, at the capture of the French frigate Weser, Oct. 21st, 1813[1]. He passed his examination, at Plymouth, Nov. 3d, following; obtained his first commission on the 4th Feb. 1815; and subsequently served in the Tonnant 80, and Bulwark 76, flag-ships of the late Sir Benjamin Hallowell Carew, at Cork and in the river Medway. His subsequent appointments were, – Oct. 3d, 1821, to the Genoa 74, Captain Sir Thomas Livingston, stationed at Sheerness; – Dec. 9th, 1822, to the Prince Regent 120, then on the stocks at Chatham, intended for the flag of Sir Benjamin Hallowell; – and June 6th, 1831, to be first of the Rattlesnake 28, Captain Charles Graham, fitting out for the South American station. He was made a commander on the 18th Nov. 1833; and presented with the honorary medallion of the Royal Humane Society, for rescuing a fellow-creature from a watery grave, Jan. 8th, 1894.