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[Post-Captain of 1821.]

Entered the navy in Feb. 1793, at the age of thirteen years, and served the whole of his time as midshipman under Captain (afterwards Admiral) James Vashon, in the St. Albans and Pompée.[1] His first commission bears date, Feb. 9th, 1799.

After serving for six months in the Wasp fire-brig, Mr. Allen was removed to the Apollo frigate. Captain (now Admiral) Peter Halkett, with whom he proceeded to the Jamaica station, where that ship was very actively and successfully employed until the peace of Amiens, as will be seen by reference to p. 574 of Vol. I. Part II. During the greater part of that time, he appears to have been senior lieutenant.

Early in 1803, Mr. Allen was appointed to the Princess Royal 98, then commanded by his early patron, where he continued until March, 1805; he then joined the Hibernia, a first rate, bearing the flag of Lord Gardner. We also find him senior lieutenant of the latter ship for several months, when Earl St. Vincent commanded the grand fleet, and displayed the union flag at the main. From May 1807, he held the same office under Lords Gardner and Gambler, in the Ville de Paris and Caledonia, until his advancement to the rank of commander, Aug. 18th, 1809.

Captain Allen’s subsequent appointments were, June 7th, 1814, to the Scylla brig of 18 guns; and Aug. 22d, 1815, to the Rifleman of similar force, fitting for the Jamaica station; where his health became so much impaired that he was soon compelled to return to England: he accordingly exchanged into the Royalist 18, which vessel he brought home, and paid off towards the end of 1816. This officer’s promotion to post rank took place July 19, 1821.

Agent.– Charles Clementson, Esq.

  1. See Vol. I. Part I. p. 208. N.B. Admiral Vashon died at Ludlow, !n Shropshire, Oct. 20th, 1827, aged 85.