Royal Naval Biography/Andrew, John William

A Companion of the Most Honorable Military Order of the Bath.
[Post-Captain of 1812.]

This officer is the son of a clergyman. He was made Lieutenant April 2, 1806; and appointed to command the Weazle brig, of 19 guns, about Nov. 1811. His gallant and judicious conduct in a brilliant action with an enemy’s squadron off Venice, Feb. 21, 1812, has been noticed at p. 745 of Vol. I. Part II.

Captain Andrew’s post commission bears date Sept. 20 in the same year. He was appointed to the Dee of 24 guns, Oct. 1, 1814; and nominated a C.B. during his absence on a voyage to Hudson’s bay, in 1815.

Agent.– J. Hinxman, Esq.