Royal Naval Biography/Andrews, George

[Post-Captain of 1809.]

Son of the late George Andrews, Esq. who was descended from an ancient family in co. Somerset; by Miss Kitty Coombs, a lady related to the families of Bond and Williams, in Dorsetshire.

He was born July 26, 1778; and entered the navy, as a midshipman on board the Barfleur 98, bearing the flag of his early and constant patron, the late Earl St. Vincent, in Aug. 1790. We subsequently find him serving under Captains James Kinneer and John Thomas Duckworth, in the Daphne of 20 guns, and Orion 74; the latter ship forming part of Earl Howe’s fleet, on the memorable 1st of June, 1794.

At the commencement of the ensuing year, Mr. Andrews removed with Captain Duckworth into the Leviathan, a third-rate, then about to sail for Jamaica, under the orders of Rear-Admiral William Parker. In her he was present at the unsuccessful attack upon Leogane, St. Domingo, March 22, 1796[1]. His commissions bear date as follow:– Lieutenant, Mar. 1797; Commander, April 29, 1802; and Post-Captain, Sept. 22, 1809.

Captain Andrews has a family of four sons and three daughters. One of his sisters was married to the late Henry Redhead Yorke, Esq. barrister-at-law ; another is the wife of Mr. Highmore, an eminent surgeon, practising at Sherborne, in Dorsetshire.