Royal Naval Biography/Anthony, Charles


Was made a lieutenant in 1800; and presented with the Turkish gold medal, for his services during the Egyptian campaign, in 1801. We next find him accompanying Sir James Lucas Yeo to the Canadian Lakes, where he served as first of the Wolfe 23, bearing that officer’s broad pendant, from May, 1813, until his promotion to the rank of commander, Dec. 29th in the same year. On the 8th June, he commanded some gun-boats at the capture of an American post near the head of Lake Ontario, from which the enemy was driven, with the loss of all his camp equipage, provisions, stores, &c. On the 13th and 19th of the same month, he assisted at the capture of two dépôts of provisions, and several small vessels, laden with supplies for the invading army. In Aug. and Sept. following, he was thrice engaged with the squadron under Commodore Chauncey[1]. On the 6th May, 1814, he commanded the Star brig, and “behaved much to Sir James Yeo’s satisfaction,” at the attack and capture of Oswego[2].

Commander Anthony is now, we believe. Governor of the House of Correction at Preston, to which situation he was appointed in Oct. 1827.